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Humans have to be half robots if they want to live on Mars


The idea of ​​living on Mars is constantly evolving and being thought about. This can not be separated from the progress and sophistication of flight technology into space.

Can’t believe how serious it is to put the idea of ​​living on Mars into action? NASA and SpaceX are already considering it as a possibility.

But life on Mars is certainly not easy. There are many things that must be prepared, one of which is building a self-contained spacecraft so that it can carry crew and passengers safely.

How to protect astronauts from harmful solar and cosmic radiation should also be considered. The risks of living in microgravity on a planet without an atmosphere must also be considered.

Quoted from detikInetTuesday (28/6/2022), Lord Martin Rees, one of the leading astronomers in the United States, claims the obvious solution to some of the problems above is to make future explorers part of cyborgs.

“These intrepid explorers on Mars will get out of the grip of regulators and they will be able to modify themselves because humans have a hard time adapting to Mars,” he said. Daily Mail.

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