Huge chaos following the outdated hearse auto catches fireplace and explodes

A unique 1977 hearse car or truck caught hearth on Tuesday evening on the Rector van Nestestraat in Budel-Dorplein. The warmth also prompted the tank to explode, sending parts of the automobile traveling for meters. No one particular was injured in the fire.

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Sven de Laet

The fireplace broke out soon just after 8:30 on Tuesday evening in the hanging motor vehicle, a Ford Nation Square Station Wagon. The flames also burned a lot of the quay. There was also a lot of smoke.

Finally, the firefighters rapidly saved the fireplace underneath control. By that time, numerous area citizens had previously occur to the devastation. It is not clear how the hearth began.

Photo: WdG / SQ vision
Photo: WdG / SQ vision

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