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Huawei’s New Flagship Mate 60 Pro: Breaking Through US Blockade with 7nm Kirin 9000S Processor

2023-09-17 15:40

Huawei’s new flagship Mate 60 Pro has caused panic buying, and its 7-nanometer Kirin 9000S processor manufactured by Core International is even seen as breaking through the US blockade. Xu Zhijun, the rotating chairman of Huawei, recently admitted that there is indeed a gap between domestic chips compared to foreign countries, just like a primary school student facing a doctoral student. However, because he no longer has any illusions about relaxing the suppression of the United States, he must manufacture domestic chips even if he falls behind, so that he can slowly catch up. .

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According to internal media reports, Xu Zhijun gave a speech at the 2023 World Computing Conference held in Changsha, Hunan on September 15, sharing his views on chips and the independent computing industry ecology.

Xu Zhijun believes that the mainland’s semiconductor manufacturing technology will be in a state of lagging behind and catching up for a long time. Only through the large-scale use of chips, servers, and PCs produced in the mainland can it be possible to promote the progress and development of the entire industry. Only through the prosperity of the computing ecosystem can we Sustainable growth is possible.

The gap is now like that between a doctorate and a primary school student

He admitted that compared with foreign production, there is still a gap between domestically produced similar products, but emphasized: “If you don’t use it, this gap will always be a gap, and lagging behind will always be lagging behind. But if it is used on a large scale, it may pull and push As our entire technology progresses and our products progress, we will slowly catch up.”

Xu Zhijun said: “If our opponent is a doctorate level, and although we are domestically produced, we are still at the elementary school level, then it is quite simple for (the opponent) to attack and steal information… Localization does not mean security. Only by improving your capabilities can you truly have the ability to be safe.”

Xu Zhijun pointed out that more than 600 Chinese entities have been included in the U.S. government’s sanctions list, covering chips, hardware, software, algorithms, and applications.

At the same time, everything from design tools and materials to manufacturing equipment and chip products have been affected by export controls: “There are challenges or simply impossible to obtain advanced chips or advanced computing systems. From our many years of experience and expectations for the future Judgmentally, this is long-term and we cannot have any illusions.”

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