Huawei P30 Lite tip: Best price possible on the powerful mid-range

Huawei’s success is no longer to be proven. Despite the numerous American sanctions, the Chinese manufacturer has managed to win world number two, behind Samsung and ahead of Apple. It must be said that the Chinese firm offers us among the best models in recent years and the Huawei P40 Pro, who was entitled to a first realistic video rendering, will probably not escape the rule. But Huawei does not only shine on the high-end market and also offers mid-range smartphones for those who are not necessarily looking for a war machine. This is particularly the case of the Huawei P30 Lite.

And it is now this Huawei P30 Lite which is offered at a reduction of 36% at Rakuten at the time of writing, December 29 at 9:30 p.m.. The smartphone thus passes at the price of 209.99 euros against 329.99 euros originally, with the possibility of paying in several monthly payments, four or five times. But that’s not all since Rakuten also offers to take your old model up to 240 euros at this address. Being a mid-range, you will be entitled to a beautiful power but the best argument of the P30 Lite remains its triple photo sensor. If you’re looking for the Huawei P30, the latter is also being reduced.

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