How Ukrainians will be assigned pensions without work books: Zelensky signed the law

In Ukraine, due to law no.3623signed by the president Vladimir Zelensky, pensions will be calculated automatically. You don’t have to contact the Pension Fund, collect certificates, prove your seniority and confirm it. At the same time, paper work books will cease to be kept over time, the experience will be taken into account automatically.

This is stated in mOBOZREVATEL material… The Pension Law allows Ukrainians to exclude work hours when they had low earnings. The pension fund should initially consider it as more profitable for the future pensioner. But if problems suddenly arise, after the payment has been assigned, it will be possible to turn to officials with a request to recalculate.

“It will be like in Britain, Estonia and other countries. There will be an opportunity to automatically receive a pension without applying, collecting information… But a person will be able to choose: if the pension is automatically controversial, then it will be possible to submit documents and recalculate it, “said Deputy Minister of Social Policy Vitaly Muzychenko.

Ukrainians will be able to get an electronic document with information about your experience on the Internet. Such a document may be needed if the employer requires it (for example, for a competition for positions, you must have experience in the relevant field). True, for this you need to issue an electronic digital signature. Also, the Cabinet of Ministers is considering the possibility of using BankID technology. That is, it will be possible to identify oneself using a bank card.

As previously explained in the Cabinet of Ministers, employers will be able to verify the authenticity of a document using a QR code, which will be automatically superimposed on these documents.

  • If a person has work experience before 2000, it will be possible to enter this information into the electronic register – independently or with the help of an employer. Then there will be no need at all to save the work book as an information carrier.

  • If someone nevertheless wants to “collect” information about his experience in work books, this state will not be able to prohibit it.

As reported OBOZREVATEL, in Ukraine, from July 1, the subsistence minimum for the disabled will be increased by UAH 85. As a result, the minimum pension will increase by UAH 85 to UAH 1,854, and the maximum pension – by UAH 850 to UAH 18,540..

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