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How Toronto Hockey Can Stop David Pastrňák and Succeed in Playoffs

If Toronto hockey wants to succeed in the highly anticipated first round series of the playoffs against Boston, they will finally have to figure out how to stop David Pastrňák. This position has been set by several foreign media.

This is probably the most interesting series of the first round. Toronto, the NHL’s most valuable club for a long time, will play against a rival that it consistently fails to beat in this situation.

Notably, this has happened three times in the last eleven years.

And interestingly, the Maple Leafs fell each time in the decisive seventh game on Boston ice. If necessary, they would play there again this year, as the Bruins finished higher in the regular season.

It is also notable that Toronto’s last winning streak against Boston dates back to 1959.

“He is a formidable enemy to the Leafs,” he announced former curator and now TV expert Martin Biron.

He currently sees the biggest difference between the two teams in the goal area. “Ilja Samsonov and Joseph Woll have not been doing well lately. Meanwhile, the Leafs will face Linus Ullmark, who won the Vezina Trophy last year. (award for the best goalkeeper in the league – editor’s note), and Jeremy Swayman, who is having a great season. “It doesn’t matter which one of them Boston uses, it will have a clear advantage anyway,” said Biron.

David Pastrňák’s name has also been turned around a lot.

Toronto has lost all four regular season meetings with Boston and – despite one of the best attacks in the league led by Auston Matthews – has scored just seven goals. They got 14 of them, and only half of them were Czech eighty-eight thanks to the 2 + 5 registration.

These are not surprising numbers. Pastrnak will shine against Toronto for his entire career. Including the playoffs, he scored 55 points (26 + 29) in 42 games, which averages 1.31 points per game. He averages 1.07 against all opponents combined.

“The Leafs couldn’t figure out how to stop Pastrnak from creating opportunities for himself and his teammates. Boston Sports NBC.

It’s a similar feeling in Toronto.

“Stop David Pastrňák or say goodbye to the early season,” wrote a columnist for the newspaper Toronto sun Steve Simmons.

He argued Pastrnak’s overall numbers, not just those against Toronto.

The 27-year-old Czech scored 110 points (47 + 63) in the last regular season, 43 (!) more than Boston’s second most productive hockey player, Brad Marchand.

When Pastrňák didn’t score, which happened 22 times in the season, the Bruins had a hard time winning, five times in particular.

But when the Czech scorer scored at least twice (37 times), Boston almost always won – falling only three times in regular time.

“If the Leafs don’t find a way to deal with Pastrnak and his brilliance, they won’t have much of a chance to win the series,” Simmons said.

Although the media abroad is for Boston, few expect the Bruins to repeat the results of the regular season and “blow” Toronto in four games. Online diary The Athletics he put the probability of this fast situation at seven percent.

Overall, it gives Pastrňák et al. 53 percent chance to advance. Even from this, it is obvious that more can expect another seven-game battle. The first race is played on Sunday night.

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