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Improving Health with Laser Technology: Meity Pujiati Intama’s Story

Meity Pujiati Intama had health problems that felt very fast and felt very disturbing. Meity admitted that just a year and a half ago, he was diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes.

After that, about 6 months ago, he suddenly experienced tachycardia, which is a condition where the heart beats more than 100 times a minute. Of course, this worried him a lot, because he was afraid that his body condition might get worse.

Meity is aware that these various health problems arise because she does not maintain a healthy lifestyle. He also hopes that his health will improve soon. Because he doesn’t want to make his beloved family sad if he gets sick.

What is laser technology?

Laser technology is technology designed to produce laser light. If before there was only one red laser, now there are three laser beams, namely red, blue and yellow.

The device is worn on the wrist three times a day as part of a healthy lifestyle. If you use laser technology now, you have the chance to live a healthier life in the future.

Laser technology helps to maintain our blood well. Laser technology also optimizes the use of blood cells in the blood vessels. Cholesterol in the blood vessels is converted into energy.

Low level laser technology can help control high blood pressure, by improving the quality of blood and blood vessels. Blood viscosity can also be prevented as it has the benefit of making blood flow smoother.

Laser technology can also be used by those of you who have no complaints about disease, as it is a preventive method. Use laser technology to support your healthy lifestyle.

How to use?

Dr Laser laser technology is used on the left wrist so that the light illuminates the arteries and acupuncture points on the wrist. The benefits will help improve blood flow and break down blood clots that cause blockages.

Just use it twice a day for 15-60 minutes.

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Remember, the quality of blood affects the quality of your life. So deal with the problem, prevent the problems. Come on, order now!

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