How to write ‘Read more’ on Whatsapp

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WhatsApp has many interesting features, one of which is ‘read more’ or read more which usually appears after writing too long text. This feature is functional but is often used for other things, such as having fun.

‘Read more’ usually appears when you get a long message, more than 1,300 words including spaces. When a message of that length is sent, the recipient will not receive it in full, but will be automatically shortened with the words ‘read more’ at the bottom.



When typing too much text or emoji in the text box, the app also automatically creates a ‘Read more’ link.

Besides being useful for saving space and shortening the appearance of text, the ‘read more’ feature can also be used to joke with friends, for example to create funny and interesting messages.

To do so you need an additional application.

How to make ‘read more’ (read more) on WhatsApp:

  1. First you download the script first
  2. Select the Read More option you want, Basic, Hidden or Small
  3. Enter the first word or sentence you want to send in Enter Intro Message
  4. Enter the next word or sentence you want to make after reading Read More
  5. You can preview the article with the read more link that you have created in the Preview of your message
  6. If it is according to your wishes, then just select copy link
  7. You can paste (paste) the writing you made into a chat with the person you want. Then send
  8. You will get a message with the words read more for your friend

You can also create without additional applications, for example using the site


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