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How to vote in the regional elections in Abruzzo

There are 1,208,276 Abruzzo citizens (592,041 men and 616,235 women) called to vote today for the election of the President of the Region and for the renewal of the Regional Council. Voting takes place from 7am to 11pm in 305 municipalities in Abruzzo. There are 1,634 polling stations, of which 13 are hospital. The counting will start immediately after the polls close, at 11pm. In Abruzzo there is no second round of voting: the candidate for the office of president who obtains the highest number of valid votes wins.

Voting guide

The voter must show up at the polling station with a valid identity document and the electoral card, recalls the Abruzzo Region. Anyone who does not have the card or has lost it can request it, even on voting day, from the electoral office of the municipality where they are registered on the electoral lists.

You can vote for a candidate for president, and the vote does not extend to the lists connected to him; vote for a list, and the vote also extends to the presidential candidate connected to it; vote for a presidential candidate and one of the lists connected to him.

The voter can express one or two preferences for the candidates for councilor on the chosen list, writing the surname or the name and surname in case of homonymy. If it expresses two preferences, these must be of different gender (for a woman and for a man, or vice versa, in any case from the same list); otherwise the second preference is null and only the first remains valid.

No split vote

Unlike Sardinia, the Abruzzo Region specifies, separate voting is not permitted: the ballot paper with the vote expressed for a presidential candidate and for a list other than those connected to him will be considered null and void.

The candidate for the office of president who obtains the highest number of valid votes becomes president of the Region. There is no runoff.

The candidates and the lists

In Abruzzo they compete Marcus Marsilio (FdI), president of the outgoing Region, re-nominated by the centre-right coalition, and for the centre-left Luciano D’Amico, former rector of the University of Teramo, who leads the so-called very broad camp. In total there are 12 lists in the field: for the centre-right FdI, Forza Italia, Lega, Marsilio civic list president, Noi Moderati, Udc-Dc. For the centre-left Pd, M5S, Action, Green Alliance and Left – Abruzzo Progressive Solidarity, Abruzzo Together and Reformists and Civics.

The regional council

The Regional Council, as provided for by LR n. 9/2013, will be made up of 31 members, of which seven councilors for each constituency of L’Aquila, Teramo and Pescara, and eight councilors for that of Chieti. In addition to the 29 councilors elected from the constituency lists, the elected president and the candidate for the office of president who has obtained the immediately lower number of valid votes become members of the Assembly by right.

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