how to triple your chances of winning 217 million?

This Tuesday, July 5, 2022, FDJ is putting into play a record prize pool of 217 million euros. Millions of French people will go to tobacconists (or on the internet) to fill out their grid. We explain the different possible options, beyond the simple grid.

There is no doubt that the EuroMillions draw for this Tuesday, July 5 au soir will attract large audiences all over Europe. With 217 million euros to be won, FDJ signs one of the most beautiful kitties in its history. The only bigger jackpot dates back to last October when a Frenchwoman got her hands on 220 million euros.

To play EuroMillions, nothing could be simpler: just fill in a grid by ticking at least 5 numbers and 2 star numbers. If you find the right combination, you walk away with the super jackpot. Otherwise, you can catch up on gains from intermediate ranks which can reach several hundred thousand euros. As a bonus, the My Million draw guarantees one million euros to one of the French players.

I play EuroMillions

If the simple grid will certainly be the most popular of the day (and the cheapest), it is not the one that gives you the best chance of winning something. Indeed, there are options that are optional and that allow you to drastically increase your chances of success. Only, you have to be ready to spend a little more (not a lot) to clearly boost your probability of winning the EuroMillion jackpot.

Tricks to blow up your chances

The simple EuroMillions grid gives you the right to tick 5 numbers and 2 star numbers, which are as many numbers and stars that will make up the final result. However, you also have the option of ticking more numbers (and/or more Star numbers) to increase your chances of winning. Obviously, who says higher probability, also says higher price. On the FDJ website, you can simulate the cost of your grid.

Very quickly, the price of the grid can skyrocket. For example, for a EuroMillion draw, if you add a sixth number (and still 2 Star numbers), it will cost you 15 euros for the grid. If you add two more numbers (7 in total), it will cost you 52.50 euros. If you don’t have that budget to spare, you can also choose to fall back on the excellent Etoile+ option.

The latter is available at the tobacconist or on the internet: as soon as you check it, you will triple your probability of winning. FDJ specifies that you have “1 chance in 3.8 for a EuroMillions grid associated with Star + against 1 chance in 13 for a EuroMillions grid without Star +”. This option will cost you 1 euro and it is not highlighted much on the operator’s site. And yet, you should seriously enjoy it!

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Otherwise, you can choose to go for the MultiChances mode which is exclusive to online players. At a tobacconist, you will not be able to take advantage of this option and that is a shame. Rather than playing on a single EuroMillion draw grid, you have the possibility of taking an exposure on 660 or even 1260 grids (explanations in the video). It will not cost you very much since a part of the first costs 5 euros, while a part of the second pack costs 7.50 euros. Note that the winnings will be divided between all the shares.

Playing EuroMillions via the FDJ site has many advantages, both in terms of comfort and in terms of experience. All these advantages like the MultiChances (or many challenges that are organized during the year) give a real advantage to those who gamble on the internet. The user experience is perfectly accomplished: it only takes a few clicks to open an account, deposit funds and withdraw your winnings if you win. If you hit the jackpot of 217 million euros, you will have to go to the FDJ headquarters.

Why play EuroMillions and My Million?

Regardless of the sum wagered for the EuroMillion, the probability of success is the same. So it’s in your best interest to play when the prize pool is big, as it is right now. To win the sesame of 217 million euros, you have a chance in 139 million of winning. Certainly, the probability is small but it remains the same, whether it is a draw of 17 million… or 217 million euros!

The French also benefit from a bonus that other countries do not have. If you didn’t know it yet, the EuroMillion is a lottery that aggregates bets from players in 9 countries (France, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg). On the other hand, the operator FDJ exclusively grants French players the possibility of playing in the associated My Million draw.

Concretely, this second lottery is added to the EuroMillions draw and is included in the prize. When you fill in your EuroMillion grid, you have a code which is generated and which will be written on your paper ticket (at the tobacconist) or on your digital receipt (online). This code is your entry into My Million. FDJ will draw one of the codes at random, and the associated player will receive 1 million euros this Tuesday evening, July 5. It’s a guaranteed jackpot.

If you play the EuroMillion draw tonight, you automatically have this additional participation. There will be between 5 and 10 million grids that will be validated in France, so you have the same probability of leaving with one million euros. The EuroMillion Grand Draw may potentially yield no winners, if no one has the correct result. In this case, it will be put back into play on Friday with an additional bonus.

To play this Tuesday’s draw, it’s here:

I play EuroMillions

Gambling involves risks: indebtedness, isolation, dependence. For help, call 09 74 75 13 13 (non-surcharged call)

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