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How to protect yourself from breast cancer x 4 steps

Considered breast cancer Among the most common cancers that affect women, it affects one out of every 8 women, and by preventing risk factors, women can avoid it. AndThe initiative of 100 million health called on all women to early and periodical examination in order to reduce the incidence of breast cancer. The initiative said: “By early and periodic detection, you will protect yourself from the development of the disease, and reach the highest rate of recovery and for your health in the world.”

The initiative indicated that the health unit in which early detection of breast tumors is signed is identified through the website of 100 million health sites on the Internet, or by calling the hotline 15335.

She said: “A recent study showed that being overweight or obese is a serious factor in heart poisoning in patients with breast cancer who have received chemotherapy, but the study did not take into account related cardiac risk factors or other classic risk factors represented by several factors, including older adults. Age, associated chemotherapy or previous radiotherapy, smoking, high blood pressure, or diabetes. “

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Health launched the Women’s Health Initiative to early detection of breast tumors in a large number of governorates exceeding 19 governorates.

“The seventh day” reviews in my information analysis the mechanisms of prevention of risk factors that raise breast cancer:

1- Breastfeeding is a safe way to prevent disease for mothers.

2- Quitting smoking of all kinds reduces the incidence of the disease.

3- Exercising is an important way to protect against cancer factors.

4- Maintaining a healthy and ideal weight.

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