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How to optimize your marketing campaigns on Instagram and Facebook?

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Sojern and Facebook organized a webinar to explain to tourism professionals how to make the most of Facebook and Instagram for marketing purposes.

Today, social networks are the first source of expenditure for marketing departments in the tourism sector (27%). They come before the budget allocated to search engines (17%) and OTAs (12%).

Chart made from Sojern data – TOM.travel

Tourism professionals have understood that it is essential to invest in these platforms. It must be said that future travelers spend five times more time on Facebook than on any tourist content. “If your brand is not there, another will be”, recalled Dave Goulden, VP of Product at Sojern.

According to him, Facebook is interesting in terms of engagement and allows you to obtain information from several devices (desktop and mobile). This helps deliver more personalized content and reach the right traveler at the right time. The social network is able through several products to reach the Internet user during the phase of inspiration and decision to push him to buy.

It is important to work on your organic presence, that is to say non-monetary, by posting content and maintaining a relationship with your community. But it has to go hand in hand with sponsored content in order to reach a larger audience.

Instagram : Feed vs story

Do you have to publish different content on your posts and in stories? The answer is yes for Dave Goulden. Here are the differences between the two:

  • Characteristics of the feed: the posts posted here will remain accessible in the long term, the ideal place for the reach, most users do not activate the sound, the content is often planned, the communication is more official.
  • Characteristics of stories: ideal place to engage your community and express the brand’s personality, 70% watch them with sound, the content is more anchored in real time, the content is less official and is the subject of experiments.

What type of content to publish?

Michelle Martin, Account Manager at Facebook, recalled that travel was the number one focus on Instagram. In a study, 45% of respondents said they use Instagram for inspiration (Facebook reality survey in 2018 of 21,000 people).

But how to stand out in the face of the multitude of content that is sweeping through the platform? According to her, you have to try to be creative. 56% of a brand’s sales from internet advertising can be attributed to creative content (Source: Nielsen Catalina Solutions). And finding what creative content your community will enjoy is all about trying new things.

The most important thing is to arouse emotions. Much more than television advertising, which is watched in a passive and calm state, mobile advertising must create at least one emotion in the viewer. Michelle Martin explained that in her feed, the user will first watch the content of a video, then the text attached to it, then only the person or brand who posted it and finally the comments.


She gave several tips for creating a video optimized for Facebook and Instagram:

  • Make the mark appear as soon as possible
  • Start with the most interesting moments in the video
  • Put the main subject of the video in the front and center
  • Make an aesthetic and impactful video
  • Make the content enjoyable without sound
  • Use text and graphics to get the point across
  • This message must arrive as soon as possible in the video
  • Video should be less than 15 seconds
  • Favor the vertical format
  • Testing new things endlessly

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