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How to Optimize Samsung Galaxy S23 Functions for Capturing Low-Light Photographs

JawaPos.com – Professional photographers Anton Suseno and Gesit Wisnu Prakoso share a number of tips on maximizing the features available on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series 5G cellphone for those of you who want to take photos in low light or low light conditions.

The superior features start from using a high-resolution camera, practical photo editing, to other features that can support photos at night. Here are four tips as quoted from a press statement received in Jakarta, Saturday (26/3).

Make the Most of Renewable Nightography with 200MP Camera Resolution

According to Anton, the choice of camera resolution greatly determines the quality of night photos. The camera resolution of the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G, he said, is suitable for shooting in low light settings that don’t get too much distraction.

The high-resolution camera also provides its own convenience in editing photos, such as when cropping photos to center certain objects. The cropped photos remain clear and can be uploaded epically to social media.

Not only that, Anton also maximized the Expert RAW function in the Galaxy S23 Ultra camera application. The RAW format can support more complex photo edits.

In addition, this function also supports more advanced techniques such as astrophoto, multi-exposure, and long exposure which are suitable for photographing moving lights at night.

Touch up Image Live in Samsung Gallery

Anton admits that he is greatly helped by Samsung Gallery’s ability to edit photos, which provides deeper flexibility without the need to use additional applications.

The three photo editing functions in Samsung Gallery that Anton uses include the Object Eraser to remove unwanted people, objects, and even shadows; My Filter for creating more personalized filters; as well as changing the color tone by adjusting the hue, saturation, and luminance.

Take advantage of the Manual Focus Function in Pro Mode

Low light conditions usually make focusing more difficult than abundant light conditions during the day. However, this obstacle can be overcome with Pro Mode on the Galaxy S23.

According to Gesit, manual focus in Pro Mode is supported by the focus peaking function which offers the best focus area recommendations. Apart from that, photographers can also take advantage of the Focus Enhancer feature which is very useful when they want to take macro photos.

Zoom Feature to Get Dramatic Low Light Photos

Gespit said the Super Resolution Zoom feature on the Galaxy S23 can make it easier for users to get the best image composition when they want to capture a silhouette portrait, a photography technique that utilizes minimal light sources.

Not only that, the 3X to 10X Optical Zoom feature can maintain consistent photo quality. Even Zoom up to 100X which has noise reduction capabilities can help users when they want to photograph the silhouette effect of objects that are quite far away.

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