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How to get Glaceon in Pokémon Unite: Keys to get Eevee’s frozen evolution

Pokémon Unite Guide: How to get Glaceon

Since his birth on July 21, 2021, Pokémon Unitethe video game for Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms, has not stopped evolving with new ways to keep players active to unlock various items or news, such as different cosmetics, battle passes, limited-time events or the expansion of their considerable list of playable characters.

As happened with Mr. Mime, Blissey or Greedent, Pokémon Unite brings to the fore Glaceonthe nth ice-type evolution of Eeveealong with a new game mode, special events, and even Holowear cosmetics for the popular Pikachu.

Next we decipher how to get it and some of its abilities.

How to get Glaceon in Pokémon Unite

exist three ways to unlock it:

  • The use of Aeos coins: Players will have to use the fictitious currency of the game. This currency is earned little by little by playing, winning fights, finishing events and participating in them.
  • The use of Aeos Gems premium coins: It is the easiest option, although this currency is obtained with real money.
  • The cold challenge: As happened with Crustle (which was also linked to special events), the evolution of Eevee brings a limited event from July 21 to August 14 for all players. This challenge requires players to earn 100 points by completing daily rotating challenges and missions to unlock it. at zero cost.

One last alternative is that players can choose to use 575 Aeos Gems on the Unite Battle Committee ship to get hold of this character.

Starting August 15, all players will be able to purchase Glaceon with 10,000 Aeos Coinstaking into account that if they have been used Aeos Gems to unlock Eevee Evolution, and receive Eevee as an event reward, you will get 10,000 Aeos Coins instead.



move set from Glaceon, the ice-type evolution of Eevee

Glaceon is classified in Pokémon Unite as an attacker that dominates ice in battle, employing long-range attacks with slowing effects on the enemy team.

Mainly, the player will start as an Eevee at Level 1 with Swift and with Tail Whip at level 2 and it will not be until level 4 when we will discover its ice-type evolution, which will modify the movements completely (Example of this is Swift by Cast Icicle or Icy Wind).

Glaceon 03 evelongames

Here are some of his abilities:

  • Leak: Bypasses a restriction and becomes invincible for a short time (This ability takes a while to activate again).
  • Snowy Mantle: Bypasses a restriction and becomes invisible for a short time. (Like Fugue, this skill takes a while to activate.)
  • Basic Attack: Every 3 attacks, performs a more damaging attack and creates 2 ice crystals for the user.
  • Speed: Spawns 4 stars around the user for a short time. These are fired at the enemy to deal damage (One for the enemy’s basic attacks, and two for the enemy’s charged or special attacks).
  • Whip: It wags its tail in front of the opponent, dealing damage and lowering their defense (both their special defense and movement speed), and helps to perform a charged attack after a basic attack.
  • Icicle: Throw all the ice crystals at the opponent (if they don’t have any, it produces two crystals and throws them instantly). This ability deals more damage each time the same opponent is hit.
  • Wind Ice: The user moves in the chosen direction and throws all of their crystals at the enemy, recovering the amount of crystals and reducing the opponent’s movement speed.
  • Icy Song: Increases Glaceon’s movement speed at the same time as his basic attack. Additionally, it generates 2 crystals if it uses this move while using Icicle or Ice Wind.
  • Lyophilization: Increases its Special attack for a short time and releases gusts of icy wind that break when colliding with an opponent or traveling a certain distance. Generates 4 ice crystals for each enemy hit.
  • Campo Glacial: The user makes a great jump and creates a zone of ice that deals damage to all the rivals that are in that area. The user generates 2 ice crystals, while enemies have their speed reduced.
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