Kanye West posted fake death news about Pete Davidson after Kardashian breakup – VG

FAKE NEWSPAPER ARTICLE: Kanye West posted a post on Instagram on Monday with a fake obituary about Pete Davidson.

“Skete Davidson is dead at the age of 28,” reads a fake New York Times front page Kanye West has posted on Instagram.


Less than 20 minutes ago

On Saturday, several American media reported that it is end between Kim Kardashian (41) and Pete Davidson (28) after nine months.

The two met when Kardashian hosted “Saturday Night Live” last October, and it was in February that they confirmed the relationship.

Since then, neither Kardashian’s ex-husband, Kanye West (44), nor Ye – as he now calls himself, concealed what he thinks of Davidson.

Several times he has lashed out at Davidson, and on Monday afternoon – two days after the news of the breakup – he took to Instagram again.

On his own profile, he has posted a photo of a fake New York Times front page dated Monday, August 8. In capital letters, the following is written on the fictitious front page:

“Skete Davidson has died at the age of 28”.

The rapper gave Davidson the nickname “Skete” several months ago, writes Daily Mail.

On the front page it also says in smaller print “Kid Cudi was supposed to play at the funeral, but is afraid of bottle throwers” – as a jab at his former friend.

At the end of July, Kanye withdrew from the Rolling Loud festival, and was replaced by Cudi – which caused quite a stir as Kanye has put Cudi on hate because of his friendship with Pete Davidson.

At the festival, Cudi left the stage during the show, because participants threw water bottles at him, writes Daily Mail.

In one hour, the Instagram post has garnered close to 1.5 million likes.

BREAKING: Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson together at the Met Gala on May 2, 2022.

Earlier this year was Kanye banned from Instagram for 24 hours. The reason for the ban is said to be that West has broken Instagram’s legislation regarding harassment.

When it became known that Davidson and Kardashian were together, pdemand Kanye, among other things, that Davidson never got to meet his and Kim’s four children. In a series of posts that have since been deleted, Kanye also wrote unflatteringly about Pete. He shared several photos and used words like “dickhead”.

He also published a post with a picture of a text message he allegedly sent his ex-wife Kim. The message read: “You are creating a scary and dangerous environment. Someone will hurt Pete and it will be your fault,” writes Insider.

Subsequently Kanye stepped out and said that the fans must not physically harm Davidson.

After a turbulent time in which the Kardashian has wanted a divorce from the rapper, which Kanye West has persistently opposed, a judge ruled in her favor in the desire to divorce.

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