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How to get a black card, the sultans’ credit card


Some of you may have heard the term Black Card. Black Card is a type of credit card owned only by the upper class.

Not everyone can have a Black Card. Because having this card requires a very high annual fee and has very high spending requirements.

Black Card was released in 1999 by American Express Bank (Amex). This credit card is widely used by wealthy people in the world of various professions, from businessmen to celebrities.

Starting from lifepalMonday (7/11/2022), the following are the conditions for having a Black Card, that is:

– Registered as another Amex card user
– Actively use the Amex card for at least 1 year
– The annual expense using an Amex card is at least US $ 250,000. However, there are also those who say that this card can only be given to people who often spend a minimum of 450 thousand US dollars every year.

However, these three conditions are still estimates. The reason is that Amex does not officially publish the requirements for having a Black Card.

To keep this card, there is a registration fee that must be paid in the amount of US $ 10 thousand. Meanwhile, the annual fee for this black card is US $ 5,000.

Since not everyone can have this card and the membership fees are really great, of course there are other benefits to having this card. Some of them are:

Advantages of using black paper

1. VIP access service
2. Access as an elite guest to numerous luxury hotels
3. Access Centurion Lounges throughout the airport
4. Status of the elite car rental
5. Access exclusive shopping
6. Receive exclusive invitations from famous brands
7. Access to the most luxurious rooms on cruise ships

Black card in Indonesia

One of the domestic banks that issued this card, targeting those classified as high-end customers. BCA is one of these banks.

BCA offers a wide selection of credit cards, including black cards, to suit users’ financial needs and capabilities.

BCA’s black card is also a card to support its owners’ premium lifestyle. This credit card will spoil the customers with various benefits which are obviously tailored to the needs of the customers. BCA issues two black card options, namely BCA MasterCard Black and BCA Visa Black Signature aka BCA Visa Black.

BCA MasterCard Black and BCA Visa Black are both Bank Central Asia Black cards for established groups with high mobility, who want convenience and flexibility in transactions.

What are the requirements to make a BCA Black Card?

Just like applying for a credit card in general, you must first meet several requirements in order to create a black card from a BCA bank. Here are the conditions.

– Minimum monthly income of IDR 3 million.
– The minimum age of the main cardholder is 21 years old.
– The maximum age of the main cardholder is 65 years.
– The minimum age of the additional cardholder is 17 years old.
– Those who can register for a black card from BCA are Indonesian citizens (WNI) and foreign nationals (WNA).
– Applicants are not required to have a previous credit card.
– If you feel that you have met the above requirements, several documents are required to create a Bank Central Asia black card. The necessary documents are tailored to your type of job as a candidate.

Below are the details of the documents that need to be prepared. For those of you who work as employees, the required documents:
– Photocopy of KTP / KITAS
– Proof of income (Salary Slip / SKP / SPT)

For those of you who work as entrepreneurs, the required documents:
– Photocopy of KTP / KITAS
– Photocopy of the Savings Account (last three months)
– Photocopy of the deed of incorporation / SIUP / TDP

For those who work as a professional, the required documents:
– Photocopy of KTP / KITAS
– Proof of income (Salary Slip / SKP / SPT)
– Photocopy of the professional license

What are the other provisions of the black card?

– Annual fee of IDR 450 thousand (free annual fee for the first year).
– Annual fee of the additional card of 250 thousand IDR.
– The minimum monthly payment is 50 thousand IDR or 5 percent of the total bill.
– Late payment penalty of IDR 100,000 or 1 percent of the total invoice.
– No administrative fees for delays.
– Minimum Cash Withdrawal Fee of IDR 40,000 or 4 percent of the total cash withdrawal.
– The cash withdrawal limit per day is 20 percent of the card limit.

This is the information on Black Cardthe credit card of the sultans.

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