How to cook beet to get all its benefits?

The beet It is a vegetable with nutrients and very important properties for our body. But it is also a vegetable that can help us fight diseases such as anemia and tuberculosis, as well as contributing to our desensteres.

Today we will talk about the best way to prepare beet, so as to absorb all the nutrients it can offer us, but first we will briefly review what are the properties that make this food such an important vegetable for our Health.

Beet Properties

Beet is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B9 Y folic acid, as well as in iron and calcium. However, its fundamental component is the betaine, an antioxidant that stops the action of free radicals, which are what cause some diseases and also the aging.

Betaine is an antioxidant known for its folate content, which makes beets a good cardioprotective food. Its consumption, inserted in a diet fury And with an exercise regimen, it allows the heart to stay healthy.

Beet is also able to stimulate the activity of the gallbladder and liver, in this case favoring its Cell regeneration and also the elimination of fat.

How to prepare beet?

Nutrients and properties of beet are best used if prepared raw, such as salad or juice.

If we consume it as a salad, we will also eat its boiled leaves, keeping the diuretic properties, laxatives and minerals such as iron and calcium.

The contribution of calcium makes beet an important ally against anemia.

Although beets contain vitamin CIf we prepare it together with a citrus or tomato, a vegetable rich in the antioxidant lycopene, we will increase the bioavailability of iron.

As we have seen, the beet It is a very important vegetable in your diet, if you want to keep a feeding complete. Within your possibilities, try to accompany it with foods that enhance its properties and thus benefit your body to the fullest.

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