How to clean a rusty exhaust, guaranteed to be impressive and shiny

Illustration of how to clean a rusty exhaust. Photo: Ist/Net

How to clean a rusty exhaust is easy and difficult, depending on the level of rust attached. The appearance of rust on the exhaust of a motorcycle is certainly common with the use of the vehicle. As a wise driver, you are obliged to carry out daily vehicle maintenance.

If necessary, do regular checks to the workshop, at least once a month. This depends on whether or not you use a motorbike, especially if you often travel long distances. Often exposed to puddles in flood-prone areas and dust has the potential to make motorcycle exhausts rust.

Rust that is not cleaned for too long can cause damage. It can even pose a hazard due to the occurrence of porous in the rusty area. In addition, exhaust that has been rusting for too long can cause holes that allow leaks to occur.

Here’s how to clean a rusty exhaust so that it shines again

Muffler is one of the most common vehicle components rust. In addition to being often submerged in puddles of water, very hot exhaust conditions have the potential to cause rust. If you are not diligent about keeping the exhaust clean, this condition can get worse.

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Actually the exhaust on a motorcycle already has a paint layer that is resistant to high temperatures. However, with the use and age of the vehicle, it is not uncommon for the exhaust to appear rusty.

For example, during the rainy season, the motorbike gets wet and you as the owner do not immediately clean the rainwater that sticks. You can actually handle this in a simple way and it doesn’t cost much.

Because there are some pocket-friendly materials or liquids, some are even available at home. Then how to clean a rusty exhaust?


You can clean a rusty exhaust by using toothpaste or toothpaste. You only need to apply toothpaste on the rusty exhaust part.

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After that, wait a while so that the dirt and rust attached to this one motor component is lifted and clean. Besides being proven effective in removing rust on the exhaust. Toothpaste is also effective for removing stains that stick to motorcycle chains.

You need to know, how to use toothpaste to clean a rusty exhaust can only be applied to the chrome plated part. If it’s only made of iron, toothpaste won’t work properly and will only contaminate the exhaust.


Stamp or grease is a liquid that is shaped like a gel because of its very thick texture. For those of you who often disassemble vehicles, of course, you are very familiar with this one thing.

This gel function is effective for lubricating motorcycle parts, including exhaust. On the rusty exhaust part, this gel is able to clean rust in a simple way.

If you grease the exhaust with a cap, the gel will last longer because it is very sticky. You can also use a stamp or grease to prevent rust from forming on other parts. For example, for a motorcycle frame with a damaged paint condition.

Pertamax Plus

Many think Pertamax only serves as fuel. In fact, this one fuel is also very helpful as a way to clean a rusty exhaust.

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The way you have to do it is very easy. But in this one step, you need diesel oil as a mixture.

Combine diesel oil and Pertamax Plus in a 2:1 ratio, then stir until well blended. Then use the mixture as an ingredient to smear the rusty motor parts.

By brushing gently on the part that has been smeared with this mixture. This rusty exhaust can be lifted so that it becomes shiny again.

That’s Used

One of the maintenance that you often do on your vehicle is definitely changing the oil. Well, this unused used oil turns out to have functions that you did not imagine before. Yes, used steam oil can remove rust on a motorcycle exhaust in a very easy way.

You can take the oil in a container as needed, then apply it to the rusty exhaust evenly. Next, try starting the vehicle so that the exhaust heats up.

This hot temperature is able to help the oil to shed all the attached rust. You can even clean the rusty inside of the exhaust using this used oil. (R10/HR-Online)

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