How Swedish Fans Can Put More Pressure on Opponents and Referees – WC National Team Desires More Aggressive Home Ground Support

Want to see the fans put more pressure on opponents and referees

Published 2023-12-06 16.20

GOTHENBURG. The national team pays tribute to its WC crowd.

But they like to see it become a little “meaner”.

– They can live a little more like robbers and stress the opponents, says Tomas Axnér.

The spectators in Scandinavium have set attendance records for a Swedish women’s national team twice in the opening of the WC, most recently against Croatia yesterday when 8538 people came.

The national team enjoys the large crowd and pays tribute to its fans.

– We love playing in front of this audience, it’s wonderful, says Tomas Axnér.

– It just gets better and better, says Jamina Roberts.

fullscreenJamina Roberts. Photo: Michael Erichsen / Bildbyrån

“It’s not Norra standing on Råsunda”

But both the confederation captain and the team captain would have liked to see the Swedish fans put a little more pressure on referees and opponents in order to really benefit from home ground.

– We want a crowd that whistles when the opponents have long attacks so that we get that help from the crowd. Then home ground can really become a factor for us. As I said, we have a fantastic audience, but then it’s not Norra standing on Råsunda on one side, for obvious reasons, says Tomas Axnér, who has been an AIK member since childhood, and refers to the fact that there are a lot of families with children in the WC stands.

You want the audience to get better at applying pressure?

– It is a factor that the audience lives a little more like a thief. We had a situation against Croatia yesterday when Mathilda (Lundström) was brought down in a counter attack and the crowd reacted. That’s good! It can also stress the opponent if there is little life when the referee’s arm (for passive play) is up. You can go outside your comfort zone a little, but in a fair and nice way.

full screenTomas Axnér. Photo: Carl Sandin / Bildbyrån

“Then the audience would have stood up and booed”


– It’s a bit of the Swedish culture, we are very kind. If it had been in the Balkans when we faced Senegal and they went and played handball like they did, the home crowd would have stood up and booed after ten seconds.

Vänsternian believes and hopes that the crowd can fulfill the team’s wishes when the WC now enters the middle round and the matches will soon become tighter.

– Should it catch on in the future, I think the audience will get into it more and be a little more cheeky. It wouldn’t have hurt, she says.

full screen Photo: Carl Sandin / Bildbyrån
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