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How much would be the sentence against Harold Echeverry, alleged murderer of Michel Dayana? This is what experts estimate

The This Monday the National Police captured Harold Echeverrythe alleged feminicide of Michel Dayana González, the 15-year-old minor who was found dead in a mechanics workshop in Cali. And after capturing him, They began to talk about the judicial process that he will face.

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In this case, which took on national importance, referred to the criminal lawyer Francisco Bernate, president of the College of Criminal Lawyers of Colombia.who detailed what the sentence that Echeverry could face would be due to the humiliation to which he would have subjected the minor.

As the expert clarified, Echeverry would not have the right to reduce his sentence because the crimes he allegedly committed were against a minor, Therefore, no benefit of sentence reduction is applicable.

The jurist pointed out that this subject, who will be transferred from Villavicencio (where he was captured) to the city of Cali, will have to answer for the alleged crime of femicide, taking into account that he would have committed humiliation on the body of Michel Dayana.

The crime to be applied is feminicide, to the extent that the victim was deprived of her freedom of movement and humiliating acts were committed on her body.. This feminicide also has at least two aggravating circumstances,” said Bernate.

The Criminal Law expert specified that these Two aggravating circumstances focus on the fact that the feminicide was committed on a minor under 18 years of age. and? The death would have occurred after the occurrence of acts against his sexual integrity.

In that context, Bernate pointed out that only for the crime of femicide Harold Echeverry could receive a sentence of between 41 and 50 years in prison.but clarified that sexual abuse or assault can be added to this crime.

The penalty for the crime of femicide would be between 41 and 50 years in prison. But to this we must add the alleged crime of sexual abuse or sexual assaultwhich in this event, as presented, allows the maximum limit established in Colombia to be exceeded,” explained the jurist.

In this regard, Bernate explained that, To the extent that two crimes coincide, judges can move up to 60 years in prisonwhich is the maximum penalty established in Colombia. The judge may impose 60 years in prison in this case if the person has a criminal record.as apparently happens,” added the president of the Colombian Criminal Lawyers Association.

Bernate He also stated that if Echeverry does not have a criminal record, the maximum of 60 years cannot be imposed.. However, he clarified that one can speak of a sentence of at least 56 years in prison due to the seriousness of the crimes which he allegedly committed.

“Given the seriousness of the events, It is foreseeable that the sentence will be around 56 years in prison, which must also be effective. To the extent that, because it is a crime against a minor, no reduction is appropriate nor any benefit,” said the criminal lawyer.

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