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How Did Biden Cope With Severe Childhood Stuttering to Become the 2020 US Presidential Candidate? All pages

WASHINGTON DC, KOMPAS.com – Brayden Harrington (13) spoke on the final night Democratic National Convention and grab the attention of the participants.

He talked about how the presidential candidate was Joe Biden made him feel more confident about his stutter CNN, Thursday (20/8/2020).

Harrington relates that he met Biden in February at a campaign event in New Hampshire.

Biden invited Harrington backstage to continue their pending conversation about stutter.

Biden also told Harrington about how he got over his own stuttering.

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Harrington said Biden called him from the same club: the stuttering club.

“It’s amazing to hear someone like me (was) vice president,” Harrington said late Thursday in a videotape at the Democratic National Convention.

Biden said that he still stutters sometimes.

He then showed Harrington a copy of the campaign speech he had just given in New Hampshire with a sign indicating where he could rest between the words.

“He showed me how he marked it to make it easier to pronounce. So I did the same today,” said Harrington.

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He then flipped through the paper he was reading to show signs in his speech.

“I’m just an ordinary kid, and in no time at all, Joe Biden made me feel more confident about something that has been bothering me all my life. Joe Biden cares, “he continued.

Harrington then showed support and hope for Biden to be elected President AS.

In February, Biden spoke about how his stuttering had affected his life.

“You know, stuttering, come to think of it the only flaw that people still laugh at. That (they) still humiliate people. And they don’t even mean that,” said Biden.

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Biden said he did not receive professional help to deal with his stuttering.

He practiced in front of the mirror for hours reading poetry written by Irish poets such as William Butler Yeats.

She also praised her mother for not letting her stutter lower her self.

Biden said he was still in contact with about 15 people who stuttered, and he told them that it was “very” important “for them not to let their stuttering bring them down.

When he met Harrington, Biden asked him for his number and said he would call to check it out.

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