Houston Rockets win 102-93 over Dallas Mavericks

Apr 08, 2021 at 04:54


Houston Rockets was imposed at home Dallas Mavericks 102-93 on a new NBA day. Previously, Houston Rockets players lost at home to Phoenix Suns by 130-133. For their part, the Dallas Mavericks defeated at home Utah Jazz by 111-103. Houston Rockets, after the game, it remains out of the Play-off positions with 14 victories in 51 games played, while Dallas Mavericks it would be left out of the Play-offs with 28 games won out of 50 played. Follow the NBA standings after the game.

The first quarter was characterized by different changes of leader on the scoreboard, in fact, the visitors achieved a partial 10-2 during the quarter until ending with a result of 24-23. Then the second quarter again had alternations on the scoreboard until it ended with a partial result of 23-19. After this, the teams accumulated a total of 47-42 points before the break.

During the third quarter the players of Houston Rockets They widened their difference again, in fact, they got a partial during this quarter of 10-2 and came to win by 13 points (69-56) and ended with a partial result of 28-22 and a 75-64 overall result . Finally, during the last quarter it reduced differences Dallas Mavericks, although it was insufficient to win the match and the fourth ended with a partial result of 27-29. Finally, the match ended with a final result of 102-93 in favor of the locals.

During the meeting, the actions of John Wall Y Christian Wood, who had 31 points, seven assists and three rebounds and 22 points, one assist and 10 rebounds respectively. For their part, the visiting team stood out Kristaps Porzingis Y Luka Doncic, with 23 points, one assist and 12 rebounds and 23 points, five assists and nine rebounds respectively.

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After winning the match, the next clash of Houston Rockets will be against LA Clippers in the Staples Centerwhile the next rival of Dallas Mavericks it will be Milwaukee Bucks, with which you will see the faces in the Centro American Airlines. Check the full NBA schedule.

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