Household Assistant from Central Java Reveals Cruelty of Employer in South Jakarta Trial

JAKARTA, – Siti Khotimah (23), a household assistant (ART) from Pemalang, Central Java, revealed the cruelty of her employer who put her to work in an apartment in Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta.

Siti told this when she was presented as a witness in a trial with the accused employers who tortured her, So Kasandar and Metty Kapantow, at the South Jakarta District Court (PN), Monday (5/6/2023).

“If I’m hungry, I’m told to eat dog feces or my own, drink dog urine or myself,” said Siti before the panel of judges.

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This happened when Siti was locked up all day in the dog cage and tied up so she couldn’t escape.

“Is it true that you were treated like that? You were sworn, don’t make things up,” asked the judge.

“Yes, I was tied with handcuffs on my hands and feet. I was held and could not be released for 24 hours,” answered Siti.

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Then, the judge also asked how Siti urinated and defecated when she was locked up.

“How did brother relieve himself at that time?” asked the judge.

“I once wanted to go to the bathroom, but I couldn’t open it (the handcuffs). Then I was told to defecate and urinate there (the dog kennel),” he said.

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“I also clean up the dirt myself,” added Siti.

For your information, Siti Khotimah, a resident of Kebanggan Village, Moga District, Pemalang, Central Java, received cruel treatment from her employer in Jakarta.

He was handcuffed and splashed with hot water by his employer. His body was full of wounds and both feet and hands blistered.

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The events that took place from September to December 2022 were only discovered after Siti Khotimah returned to her hometown. He then recounted what happened to his family.

Knowing what happened to Siti Khotimah, the family immediately reported it to the Pemalang Police and forwarded it to Polda Metro Jaya investigators.

Nine people were later arrested, including Metty and So Kasandar. Their daughter, Jane Sander, was also arrested.

Meanwhile, six other people were domestic workers who participated in torturing the victim, namely Evi, Sutriyah, Saodah, Indayanti, Payanti and Febriana.

Nine perpetrators have status as defendants and are undergoing trial.

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