House 2 Rumors and Updates: December 08, 2023

Latest news and rumors house 2 for today December 08, 2023:

Kristina Bukhynbalte, who is ill, has placed Igor Grigoriev in her friend zone and is going to leave the project and radically change her life next year. She intends to return Samoyed Leo to Ivan Barzikov.

Elina Rakhimova continues to fight with Elvira Gokh, believing that the girl does not like Igor Grigoriev, but being on the television set. Alexandra Cherno could not persuade Joseph Oganesyan to return to the clearing of House 2, and Iosya assures that the child is not a bargaining chip and an entourage for social networks. So far, Cherno has not returned to the perimeter and hopes for the success of further negotiations with her husband.

Dmitry Meshcheryakov, in the absence of his girlfriend Sasha Oganesyan, is trying to persuade Daria Kravchenko to move in with him, but so far to no avail. Her mother Ekaterina came to help Lisa Subbotina, now the two of them are “re-educating” Alexei Bezus. Will the active Subbotins finish up Lesha? While Alena Savkina-Semina’s possible third pregnancy is being discussed online, her friend Sasha Cherno admitted that Rapunzel Jr. forbade her to film and photograph her.

Tigran Salibekov and Victoria Lyskovets are actively preparing for a gender party. The event will take place on December 16.

Gleb Zhemchugov, who passed his driving license, for some reason fell off his scooter. Gleb will have to travel on foot; any means of transport are contraindicated for him?

Latest news house 2 from for today 12/08/2023 – the TNT channel has prepared a festive program for its 25th anniversary with the participation of Olga Buzova, for which she thanks Tina Kandilaki. Will anyone else from House 2 appear there?

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