Former “League of Legends” professional player Ambition revealed the reason for switching positions: He couldn’t beat Faker

For the top professional players in League of Legends, everyone looks forward to becoming the best player in their position.Recently, two former contestants, Ambition and Khan, participated in the program interviewin which Ambition recalled why he had to change lanes, and when he went to jungle, he admitted that it was because of Faker and others: “If I work hard, I can close the gap with them, but I can never surpass them.” Therefore, in order to become the strongest, I became a jungler.

Former professional player Ambition (Credit:Riot Games)

Former professional player Ambition (Credit:Riot Games)

In fact, Ambition also had very good results after switching tracks to a jungler. He played for SSG as a jungler in 2017 and defeated Faker’s team in the “League of Legends” World Series finals that year. The SKT team won the world championship that year. Ambition recalled the reason why he changed positions: “The really strong mid laners at that time included Rookie, Faker, and PawN. They left the others behind. If I worked hard, I might be able to close the gap with them, but I can never surpass them, but if I become a jungler, I can become the strongest.”

In addition, Ambition also revealed that the reason why he announced his retirement in 2018 was because no team was interested in him, and said that it might be due to his age: “If I was only 22 years old at the time, I might have had a few more opportunities.”, interesting Yes, Ambition also mentioned that trash talk on the field may also affect this: “This guy has a bad mouth and has other shortcomings?” This may affect the team’s selection of players and allow people to appear on the show at the same time. Khan couldn’t help but say that this is why he works very hard, “I have to make myself strong, strong enough to talk trash.” Now that both players Khan and Ambition have retired, there are relatively few of them. The opportunity to share with you some short stories from when they were players. This time Ambition tells the story of why he changed positions, which also allows people to once again see the cruel side of the e-sports field. For top players, they must chase after each other. The strongest position is regarded as the only target.

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