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Hostovn kon. Hlavat, Matjka or ulc want a town in the Pilsen area

After the departure of Roman Hubnek, who last occupied the tribune in Truncov sady nine days ago, only a ten-year-old climber Ale Hruka and two-year-old farmer David Limbersk remained with the real windmills.

Start 23. ervence

It’s hard to see, but the allowed football players are in the middle of the world. On Thursday, July 23, the Victorians will re-enlist in the service, as they are unsatisfied with these tests. A day later, on Friday, they will meet for the first thrush before the upcoming round of football competitions. Plje ty ptelsk duely during the preparation. On the hit in Lun street on August 1, eskobudjovick Dynamo, gave you the passports then play at the center in Austria, where he will leave on August 5. The new ronk of the Fortuna League will start at the end of August.

And the rest?

Pavel Bucha, the league’s discovery, changed his attention to twenty-two-year-olds Ondej Mihlik and twenty-two-year-old stopper imon Gabriel.

That’s not all, Plzen has a number of highly promising fighters who will be involved in the preparation with a must. And then I’ll see.

Hlavat helped Pardubice to a historical rush

The most was heard about him. Especially at the end of the line, when one gl after another. Finally, Michal Hlavat stopped at the word trnct. Venerable statistics on the middle floor.

In Pardubice, where he was a guest for the first year, they set up a game on a small middle ground, who celebrated his twenty-second birthday just before his home. And it paid off for them. Championship in the second league, the club’s premier promotion under the name FK Pardubice to the highest competition.

Hlavat started first after a coronavirus pause. Restart caught him in a fantastic feeling.

First way? He gave gl, the only one in the whole duel, he won me a game.

Pardubický stelec Hlavat: We didn’t get any kind of town

Kind of utkn? He even hit tikrt and helped to embarrass the five-goal demolition of St nad Labem.

And so continued dl and dl, in the table the insole occupied the aunt position.

The host’s horse and preparation should be completed with Pilsen. But it’s a question of whether Adriana Guy is in full swing with the competition.

I don’t want to think about it at all, it will be my agent. Let’s see how Viktorka approaches it. I want to see what you are, Hlavat said during the Pardubice celebrations.

As an alternative to ermka or Buchu, it would work well. It is quite a long time that after all the above-average performance, it will be in the highest competition for a place in the basic line-up. And when he doesn’t get it in Pilsen, urit will not have to worry about a lack of damage.

Kanonr Matjka. Did he get into the plzesk set?

Pichz in its own right moment. Viktoria will have to post tonka eit and it seems that Luk Matjka could be the easiest and most effective way.

Hlavatho’s team scored four goals for the second league team over the Elbe and only narrowly missed the crown for the scorer, but in his twisted performance he scored on the floor of Jihlava in a 3: 2 hat-trick.

Only Stanislav Klobsa hit the house twice, jumped on word 17 and left Matjka behind in the end.

Even so, the Plzesk puppy does not have to be sad. He returns from the inn with a cannon card. Michael Krmenk is said to be speculating about the departure of the dissatisfied Jean-David Beauguel. In such a case, Tom Chor would be the only classic point. Matjka’s cast types would fit into a tandem.

For a long time I want to move my best to the first league. I hope I can do it, Matjka said. Even with him, it should be paid that he should be able to show the coach in the future.

For ulce u nastal as, in Budjovice convinced

How many u were so close. In the preparation of the works, his childhood duels worked out, only when he finished the final training, he never avoided him.

Twenty-year-old Pavel ulc has had a successful season in the highest competition. He spent the autumn in Opava, but far in the spring he sat in the Czech Budjovice jersey.


Jan Moravec with Karvin

He gave you two glyphs, he prepared you for his cooperation. If the pleat plate does not penetrate, especially in the south of the borehole.

We are still interested in it, but the preparation will take place in the parent club, announced David Horej from Budweiser.

So who will try Victoria’s red-blue jersey in sharp duels?

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