Horoscope on Wednesday, August 19: A day in the sign of the New Moon


Today’s New Moon in Leo attracts love to you and all heart matters are greatly enhanced! You will also hear something new about a certain creative intention that has been in your head for a long time, and you still did not know how to grasp it exactly. Now comes the inspiration.


Today, there will be various ambiguities between you and your loved ones. The sun is to blame, which causes one of the closest to place great demands on this period and you will not know where to go. Don’t be afraid to talk things straight.


With today’s New Moon, you have an increased tendency towards new professional opportunities. You are doing well on this day! For example, you can upgrade your communication devices and use modern technology, or just play with colleagues on silent mail.


During this period, the family area is imbued with complete calm and great dedication, you are attentive to each other and you strive to fulfill everything you see in your eyes. Serving others and bringing joy are the motto of today’s pleasant family events.

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Planetary adventurers show that you get along so well at home that there is a chance for a family business. Jupiter in Capricorn and Mercury, which is today in the sign of Leo on the last day, are extremely wishing, so try to make the most of it for your home budget!

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Venus in the sign of Cancer tries to bring a pleasant harmony, but even this queen of love is hit by the Mars flame. Misunderstandings and stress grow like mushrooms after the rain and you will have to do everything you can to do perfectly at home.


Today’s New Moon in Leo almost illuminates the issues of the household and your place of work, while counting on higher emotionality. You or one of your loved ones will probably come across a sensitive string and you will need to solve many things.


The lights of neon lights and the noise of summer night discos would definitely not benefit you today! Your happy day will be mainly in nature and with your loved ones, on the contrary, there is a risk of a rather unfavorable day if you have to spend it in civilization and also something stereotypical.

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The impact of the New Moon on your sign will be unpredictable, just like you. At this time, you tend to find yourself in somewhat confusing communication, but fortunately the full moon won’t leave you in the end! Its light will eventually bring understanding in all areas.


The influence of the New Moon in the sign of Leo will cause in this period that your mind can fly into the realms of questions about life and death, there is also a tendency to strange dreams. Some information about the loan or mortgage or job is also up to date.

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You will have to show a great deal of energy and diligence at work to handle all the tasks that come your way. On the contrary, they will pamper you at home and you will feel like on your honeymoon. Enjoy these moments of well-being and the necessary doping for work.


It is possible that in today’s New Moon you will decide on an important direction of your current relationship. Discussions with a partner are activated, and their conclusion can completely change your other joint plans. Whether it’s for the better or for the worse depends on both of you.

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