Horoscope for February 8 for all zodiac signs.

Daily horoscope on 5-tv.ru: today, February 8, the Moon is in Leo. This is a great time to create something new. A favorable period for household chores. This is the right time to communicate with family and friends. However, it is better to refrain from major financial transactions.

♈ Aries

Aries, you seem to be here, but at the same time very far from this place. Take time to connect with your spiritual side. You are undergoing a massive update right now, so be sure to give your body and soul the time needed to adapt to the new frequency. In the process, you will find that your relationship is also being updated.

Space Council: it’s time for rebirth.

♉ Taurus

Taurus, borders are not needed to keep people away from you, but to help distinguish between your own needs and those of others. Realize how you feel in the presence of certain people. If you constantly feel exhausted, tired or with a severe headache, the Universe gives you a sign to protect yourself. Remember, your time and energy are the greatest resources. Be sure to use them wisely.

Space council: Set clear boundaries.

♊ twins

Do your pink glasses stop you from seeing the red flags? Lack of communication, unpredictability, insecurity – all these are warning signs that the Universe sends you. Make a decision, Gemini. Have the courage to get out of a situation that promises trouble.

Space Council: pay attention to the signs.

♋ cancer

Cancer, you need relaxation. Maybe you should put the phone in flight mode and spend the day alone with yourself or with a person whom you completely trust. A great option would be time spent in nature.

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Space Council: spend time alone with yourself.

♌ Leo

Leo, you largely limit yourself to accepting the role of a peacemaker. Sometimes it’s important to give vent to your emotions, sometimes even a small quarrel can push the relationship to develop. Non-violent communication is a good way to reach consensus and make each side feel noticed and heard.

Space Council: Conflict is also sometimes useful.

♍ Virgo

Get out of the voluntary prison, Virgo. Some of you may come to realize that the world is especially cruel to others. But, listen, you can always be near a person, and even live with him under one roof, but you won’t learn all about his inner struggle. Better practice kindness and compassion for yourself and others.

Space council: someone else’s soul – the darkness.

♎ Scales

Libra, you need to determine your desires. While you are storming from one side to another. The correct message must be sent to the Universe in order to be heard. Go for it!

Space council: prioritize.

♏ Scorpio

Whoever said success was the best form of revenge, he knew exactly what he was talking about. You are so busy on your way to the top that you do not notice what is happening with haters and skeptics. You are a brave and stubborn person.

Space Council: move to the top, no matter what.

♐ Sagittarius

Sagittarius, do you really need this time machine? You have already overcome a lot. You have gained experience and will not make past mistakes. You need to open up for something new and try something that you never did.

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Space Council: you need new experiences.

♑ Capricorn

Each coin has two sides, and today you need to hear the opposite point of view without any prejudice. Believe that your relationship will become stronger when you overcome this challenge. Be especially careful when communicating with brothers, sisters, or friends who have already become relatives. Try not to be offended by the truth.

Space council: Do not be afraid to hear the truth.

♒ Aquarius

Aquarius, it seems you are spiritually draining relationships. This does not mean that you need to burn all the bridges and run where your eyes look. It is probably necessary to review the distribution of roles and speak frankly with a partner.

Space council: talk with a loved one.

♊ fish

Why do we always want what we cannot have? Pisces, be grateful for what you have. You will find that this is the key to attracting joy, wealth and abundance. Injuries that strengthen your wisdom will be another important topic for you in the coming days. Learn to see the light in any situation.

Space council: The glass is half full.

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