Hong Sang-soo’Introduction’ won the Best Screenplay Award at Berlin Film Festival

Input 2021.03.05 20:24

Received the Silver Bear Award for 2 consecutive years following’The Woman Who Fleeed’ last year

Director Hong Sang-soo’s movie’Introduction’./Provided by all filmmakers

Director Hong Sang-soo announced the news of the award for the second year in a row at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Director Hong received the Silver Bear Award Screenplay Award for his 25th feature film’Introduction’ at the 71st Berlin International Film Festival, which closed on the 5th (local time). It has been awarded for the second year in a row after receiving the Director’s Award for’The Woman Who Flee’ last year.

‘Introduction’ is a film in which a young man Youngho follows his journey to visit his father, lover, and mother, respectively, through three paragraphs.

Director Hong was invited to the competition section of the Berlin Film Festival:’Night and Day’ (2008),’Not Anyone’s Daughter, Hae Won’ (2013),’Alone on the Beach at Night’ (2017), and’A Woman Who Flees’ (2020). It is the fifth following.

Actress Minhee Kim, who appeared in’Alone on the Beach at Night’, received the Silver Bear Award for Best Actress.



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