“Hong Kong Star Xiang Zuo Enters Taobao: Starts First Live Show and Shares Life Tips”

Featured2023-05-19 12:09:00

Another star enters Taobao and starts broadcasting!

Before the arrival of Taobao Tmall 618, Hong Kong star Xiang Zuo will start his first live show on Taobao on May 20.

Recommend to netizens the good things that you, your family and celebrity friends have used, and give away tickets to popular concerts such as Jacky Cheung, Joker Xue, etc.

Xiang Zuo himself also said that live broadcasting is a new attempt to start a business, and it is also a new experience in life. The road to entrepreneurship is long. Although he is a novice in all staff, he is not afraid. He invites everyone to 520 to come to his Taobao live broadcast room, “Look at me handing in homework! “

It is reported that, as a newcomer to the live broadcast, Xiang Zuo made serious preparations for this first show and asked relatives and friends from all walks of life for advice. For example, he asked his wife Biting Guo to teach him how to apply lipstick, wear false eyelashes and other makeup techniques, as well as clothing matching. In order to recommend food to everyone, Xiang Zuo also invited a chef to teach cooking skills and practice cooking at home.

Next, Xiang Zuo will also open a small aesthetic class to share dressing experience in the Taobao live broadcast room, and a small martial arts fitness class to share fitness tips. “Taobao live broadcast newcomer.

The launch of Xiangzuo this time is another star entering Taobao to open up a new genre of live broadcast after TVB’s “Hong Kong drama-style live broadcast” and Good Voice’s “music-style delivery”. The Taobao live studio is also becoming another star “business check-in” resort after the studio and show.

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Since March this year, the siphon effect of Taobao’s live broadcast is setting off another wave of big names entering Taobao. Hong Kong TVB TVB, the top variety show “The Voice of China”, Zhang Lan, an Internet celebrity entrepreneur in the mainland, Yang Tianzhen, the founder of a brokerage company in the mainland, Nanpai Sanshu, the author of “Tomb Raiders Notes”, and other celebrities from all walks of life entered Taobao to start broadcasting, forming a The surging trend of “a river of spring water comes into the pan”.

The top streamers from all walks of life gathered on Taobao to launch the broadcast, which once again proved that “the end of the live broadcast is Taobao”. The Taobao Tmall 618 Merchant Conference held a few days ago revealed that the user scale of Taobao live broadcast increased by 70% year-on-year, and the number of people entering the store guided by live broadcast increased by 100% year-on-year. The content track is becoming an increasingly important source of growth for Taobao merchants.

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