Holidays for everyone at one time. Local government officials talk about “financial disaster”

The mayor of Zakopane, Leszek Dorula, wants to meet with the city council and the owners of neighboring municipalities on Monday to work out a common position and appeal to the government to change the decision regarding the accumulation of winter holidays. A position in this matter was also taken by the mayor of Szczyrk, Antoni Byrdy. In turn, one of the hoteliers from Podhale urges the highlanders to strike.

In my opinion, this is too early for the prime minister. We hope that the epidemic situation in Poland will improve by Christmas and there is still a chance to change our mind. On Monday I will consult the Zakopane council and the owners of neighboring municipalities. My proposal is to ask the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers for an appeal that not to make a final decision about the winter break right now and think about the option of extending the winter break – said the mayor of Zakopane Leszek Dorula.

According to the mayor, Spreading summer camps over time would be a safer solutionthen there would be a chance to keep all sanitary rigors. He added that the greater danger is the accumulation of people at one time and in one place.

Agata Wojtowicz, the president of the Tatra Chamber of Commerce, in an interview with RMF FM, emphasizes that the government’s decision is, in its opinion, an anti-fight against the pandemic. For many hotels in Podhale, this means bankruptcy – he says and adds: I think there will be a lot of people “on business trips”. Nobody even controls it at all, so I’m talking about detachment from reality. In fact, these are such strange attempts that have no justificationhe.

The local government officials from Szczyrk and Wisła are also embittered by the decision on the winter break. “The presented ideas make us very worried, because they have an extremely negative impact on entire mountain resorts that live off summer and winter tourism. Today I receive many words of indignation from owners of ski lifts, owners of hotels, guesthouses and accommodation in private homes, schools and ski services. , single ski and snowboard instructors. We all faced a financial disaster“- wrote the mayor of Szczyrk, Antoni Byrdy, in a statement. The politician also noted that in the event of a lockdown, the standard of living of the average city dweller will drop, and local governments will be deprived of funds for education, social welfare, etc.

In turn, Tadeusz Papierzyński, from the promotion section of the city hall in Wisła, in an interview with RMF FM, noted that the hotel and catering industries humbly accepted the restrictions introduced in November, but now they were counting on a change.

We all hoped that during this Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and above all during the 6 weeks of winter holidays, towns such as Wisła would be able to return to normal functioning he said.

Marcin Mączyński from the Chamber of Commerce of the Polish Hotel Industry points out that “the time for declarations of aid from the government is over”. “Hotels expect real, concrete and immediate state aid,” emphasizes Mączyński.

The Chamber calls for an urgent meeting with government representatives to support the industry. He indicates that layoffs in hotel facilities “are very likely” in a few weeks’ time, in total, will reach more than half of those employed before the pandemic. From the beginning of the year to the end of October, as much as 38 percent. people employed directly in the hotel industry lost their jobs. These are the facts – emphasizes Mączyński.

Hoteliers demand “fair compensation” for their losses. We expect an immediate development of an aid package, which will enter into force on December 1, also covering the period from November 7, when hotels cannot fully provide services – indicates the secretary general of IGHP.

Some representatives of the tourism industry argue that if the government does not change its decision or does not cover the losses to a significant extent, protests will break out in southern Poland.

Piotr Zygarski, the owner of one of the hotels in Zakopane, persuades all the inhabitants of Zakopane and Podhale to strike a general strike in the pages of “Gazeta Krakowska”.

I want to run my business normally, and I will take care of my clients and their safety. After all, the right to work is guaranteed by the constitution. This law could only be limited by a state of emergency, and this is not with us all the time! After all, he will not suddenly retrain as our deputy finance minister advises (Piotra Patkowski – RMF FM). What should I change hotel for? Well, probably only for … a massage agency – says “GK”.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced his decision to accumulate the winter holidays from 4 to 17 January. According to entrepreneurs from the tourism industry, such a decision has no rational justification and means bankruptcy in this sector of the economy.

The owners of ski stations, who have already started snowing down the slopes, are also concerned. Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Development, Labor and Technology Jarosław Gowin, who was a guest of “Events” in Polsat News on Saturday, said that the ski lifts will be closed: “since the tourism and hotel industry is closed, it seems self-evident that this will also apply to ski lifts“The ski industry expects a clear declaration by the prime minister in this matter, because each day of snowmaking is a huge expense. Approximately one day of snowmaking on a 700 m long slope costs nearly PLN 20,000.

The winter break in school throughout the country will last from January 4 to January 17, 2021 and will replace the previous winter holidays spread over several camps. According to the information provided on the government website, children and young people will stay at home due to the ban on organizing trips for winter holidays.

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