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History of events that Kim Yeon-kyung, who came to Korea organized by a volleyball fan, experienced ‘7 years’

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[인사이트] Reporter Seong Dong-kwon = “Aren’t you Kim Yeon-kyung, the Minister of Sports? One person does this?”

Volleyball empress’Kim Yeon-kyung’, who has returned to Korea, is experiencing a difficult time due to discord and controversy over school violence between twin sisters, and what he has done in the past is being re-examined.

On the 10th, a post titled “Is Kim Yeon-gyeong like this, if you clear it up?” was posted in the DC Inside Women’s Volleyball Gallery, and over 1,800 recommended comments and over 100 comments were posted.

In the article, volleyball fan A said to Kim Yeon-kyung, “While receiving the same treatment from the volleyball association, the federation and Heungkuk senior officials, he never whined, did not appear on social media, did not play in the media, and supported the players with private expenses We had dinner, gave up billions and returned to Korea to prepare for the next international competition.”

“Even if an celebrity sick child hits, he never goes out and kills it, but instead wraps around it, and in the meantime, he is recording top-notch grades. In the midst of entertainment, he raises female recognition and makes a few female players appear… Isn’t Kim Yeon-kyung, Minister of Sports? Do you do it?”

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As he said, Kim Yeon-kyung pointed out the association’s poor treatment for the national team and publicly criticized the Korean professional volleyball salary cap system. However, he boasted of an interpersonal aspect of reaching out his hand to juniors first.

At the Incheon Asian Games held in 2014, the Korean women’s volleyball team won the gold medal after defeating China in 20 years.

It was a gold medal in 20 years, but the Volleyball Association provided kimchi stew at a nearby restaurant on the excuse of a tight budget. It is reported that Kim Yeon-gyeong, who was angry with this, confessed and took the players to a high-end restaurant.


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In 2018, the volleyball federation publicly opposed the salary cap system for professional volleyball. At that time, Kim Yeon-kyung pointed out that the difference in salary caps between male and female players was too large, and criticized strongly that the system was gradually regressing.

However, Kim Yeon-kyung did not always speak out. I kept my mouth shut about anything that could cause trouble within the team.

In December of last year, Lee Da-young posted a post that seems to be shooting Kim Yeon-kyung through social media, raising a disagreement within the team.

Kim Yeon-kyung did not respond to any situation where there may be unfair aspects. Rather, he dismissed the disagreement by saying that he had resolved the misunderstanding while acknowledging the conflict through an interview.

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However, as a result of the controversy over school violence, Kim Yeon-kyung is having a hard time in the end.

Kim Yeon-kyung, who returned to Korea after giving up her salary for the women’s volleyball box office and good results at the Tokyo Olympics, was bound to become bitter.

The netizens who saw this showed reactions such as “Aren’t you at the level of the Minister of Sports for this amount of activity?” and “I know that Kim Yeon-kyung is really working hard for the women’s volleyball game”.

Meanwhile, Heungkuk Life lost in a shutout defeat in the game against the Road Corporation held on the 11th and fell into a third straight victory.

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