Historic Wins in Asian Games: Men’s Swimming Sets Record; Shooting and Rugby Gold Medals

Historic Wins in Asian Games: Men’s Swimming Sets Record; Shooting and Rugby Gold Medals


Yesterday, men’s swimming made history by setting a new Asian record in the 800m relay and winning the gold medal for the first time in team competition.

An additional gold medal was won in shooting today, and rugby aims to be at the top of Asia for the first time in 21 years.

Connecting with the reporting reporter, Reporter Kim Sang-ik!


Yes, Hangzhou.

어제 수영에서 보여준 800m 남자 계영 금메달은 정말 짜릿하고, 우리 선수들 정말 자랑스럽던데요.


Yes, Korea made new history in men’s 800m relay swimming.

Until now, in swimming, which is a basic sport, we have always been in the minors in the Asian region, being pushed out by China and Japan.

Yesterday, the golden generation of Korean swimming had a great time celebrating the long history of Korean swimming.

Our national team, who raced in that order, Jae-Hoon Yang, Ho-Jun Lee, Woo-Min Kim, and Sun-Woo Hwang, was the first to hit the touchpad in the final with a time of 7 minutes 01.73 seconds.

This record is a new Asian record

Until now, Korean swimming has not won a single gold medal in the Asian Games team event, but that history has changed.

China, who were always in front of us, took the silver medal, and Japan took the bronze medal.

Our athletes have reduced the record in this event by more than 13 seconds in the last two years.

Now, I am determined to give it a try at the Olympics and World Championships.

[황선우 / 남자 계영 800m 금메달 : 모든 여러 선수들이 기록이 계속 단축되고 있는 추세여서 대한민국 수영의 황금세대가 열렸다고 표현해도 될 거라고 생각하고요.]

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[김우민 / 남자 계영 800m 금메달 : 제가 훈련했던 걸 전 믿으니까요 제 믿음을 토대로 개인 종목 400m 800m 1,500m에서 좋은 모습 보여드리겠습니다.]


In fencing, Oh Sang-wook defeated Koo Bon-gil to win the gold medal, right?


Yes, the fencing finals were held between Korean players for the second day in a row, following the women’s match the day before.

Oh Sang-wook of the men’s saber defeated senior Koo Bon-gil, who was aiming for his fourth consecutive Asian Games title, 15 to 7 and embraced his first individual gold medal.

Oh Sang-wook said he was nervous because he remembered losing by 1 point in the final five years ago, but he played the second half calmly and won the gold medal.

Senior Koo Bon-gil also ended the heartwarming match by sending a message of sincere congratulations on his junior’s victory.

[오상욱 / 남자 사브르 금메달 : 후회하지 말자는 생각을 하고 나서 전략이 많이 바뀌었던 갓 같아요. 미안한 감정도 조금 있고, 그러면서도 좋기도 한데 그런 미묘한 감정들이 섞였던 것 같아요.]

[구본길 / 남자 사브르 은메달 : 개인전 첫 메달 너무 축하하고 너와 결승전 할 수 있어서 감사하게 생각하고 우리 단체전에서 꼭 파이팅 해서 더 값진 금메달 한 번 따보자.]


Kwon Soon-woo, a leading Korean tennis player, has been embroiled in controversy over his attitude toward this tournament. I heard the repercussions are bigger than expected?


I will explain this news while watching the related video.

Kwon Soon-woo, ranked 112th in the world and aiming for the singles gold medal in this tournament, lost 1-2 in the second round to an unknown player from Thailand, ranked 636th in the world.

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When Kwon Soon-woo was eliminated early, he was unable to overcome the challenge and broke his racket.

It was difficult to stop, and in the end, the opposing player who came to shake hands had to turn away.

As this video quickly spreads on Chinese social media, criticism is pouring in, saying that this is not the attitude of a sports player and that he should be banned from competing for life.

Kwon Soon-woo visited his opponent and apologized, and also distributed a handwritten reflection to the media.

The Korean team also took action early as the situation grew, and I hope it will not affect the morale of our players.


That’s too bad. But I heard that there is a story behind the opening ceremony among the citizens of Hangzhou? What is it about?


Most Hangzhou citizens were satisfied with the opening ceremony held last weekend, saying it was environmentally friendly and demonstrated the excellence of science and technology.

There’s just one thing, I can’t say it out loud, but ‘the government went too far’ in not inviting Jack Ma, who is from here and the founder of Alibaba, to the opening ceremony.

This is a complaint

Although they fell out of favor with the Chinese government and resigned from their positions, they created Hangzhou into what it is today, and they neglected someone who was like an idol to them. Even though they can’t say this and just hush, their dissatisfaction is shared.

It looks like they are not looking forward to seeing Jack Ma at the closing ceremony.

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Lastly, please let us know the results of today’s game and the sports that are receiving attention this afternoon.


Another gold medal was achieved in shooting today.

Following yesterday’s gold medal in the men’s 10m running target team event, today we added a gold medal in the mixed team event.

We continue our golden run in swimming and rugby.

Kim Woo-min, who is aiming to become the first Korean swimmer to win four Asian Games gold medals, will compete in his second medal, the 1,500m freestyle, today.

Rugby also defeated China and advanced to the final, looking for its first gold medal in 21 years.

Their opponent in tonight’s final is Hong Kong, who defeated Japan.

Men’s basketball, seeking its first gold medal in 9 years since 2014, will face Indonesia in the first match of the group stage this evening.

I hope we don’t repeat the previous failure of men’s volleyball.

This is YTN Kim Sang-ik from Hangzhou, China.

Photographer: Kim Jeong-won, Choi Gwang-hyun, Jin Hyeong-wook

Video Editing: Oh Hwon Seul-gi

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