Historic Hovland secured a place in the million final

Viktor Hovland did just enough during the BMW Championship in Olympia Fields to ensure that he is in the top 30 in the FedExCup rankings after everyone has finished playing.

Late Sunday night, he is number 27 on the rankings.

That secures him a place in the PGA’s final tournament: Tour Championship in Atlanta next week.

It’s lucrative. Even a final place in that tournament will be rewarded with 395,000 dollars (3.5 million kroner). Victory gives 15 million dollars (130 million kroner).

But Hovland made it unnecessarily exciting with a weak finish to the tournament.

After the series 71-73-73-71, he finished eight strokes over par in a tournament where the birdies were far behind for all players. That gives him a 40th place finish in the tournament.

That was enough to keep him in the top 30 in the rankings.

Hovland was two strokes under par halfway through Sunday’s round, but finished one stroke over after bogey on the final hole.

Bogey on the 12th and double bogey on the 13th hole sent Hovland over par for the day, but a birdie on the 15th hole got him back on par. Five strokes on the last hole, Hovland denied the first round of par in the tournament in Olympia Fields.

(©NTB/TV 2)

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