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Historic America TV host left his partner for “toxic”

The Argentine celebrity was shaken by a news that generated a stir. In the last hours, it became known that Daniel “La Tota” Santillán he is going through an intense personal situation. El historic driver of America TV e separated from his partner Leticia and confirmed to the journalist Juan Etchegoyen the reasons why the rupture occurred.

Through the radio program “Mitre Live”, Etchegoyen decided to tell that he spoke with “La Tota” -historic of “Pasión de Sábado” – about their separation: “The driver who has just separated is Daniel la Tota Santillán and I spoke with him who confirms the breakup”. He even highlighted: “His girlfriend Leticia was the person who accompanied him during his hospitalization this year amid concern for his health.

Likewise, the presenter indicated what was the reason why Santillan he separated from Leticia, whom he nicknamed “Tana”. “He decided to separate and there is not much else. Apparently, Leticia was a bit toxic to Tota, so there were things she could not do,” he said.. And he added: “I was tied to the couple they tell me and he did not feel comfortable. Love and relationship wore out. We were very happy at his time when we found out that he was with a partner and was in love. Unfortunately, love ended. “

Daniel “La Tota” Santillán separated from his partner.

The health ordeal that La Tota Santillán went through

La Tota Santillán has been assisted for several years by health professionals after his first psychotic outbreak was made public in 2016. The episode, which endangered his life and that of third parties, was generated after the mother of his daughters judicially prevented him from having contact with them.

Later, in July 2017, the entertainer was arrested after arguing with the police for trying to take merchandise without paying from a local in Vicente López. In the altercation, La Tota he broke a mirror of the patrolman who approached the scene and was repressed by the troops who later took him to a psychiatric clinic.

In July 2021, and according to what Luis Ventura indicated, Santillan he had a health problem again. “La Tota is hospitalized for a psychotic and addiction picture”said the journalist specializing in entertainment.

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