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Hispanic families evicted from New York building after construction accident

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Their lives are in danger and the residents of the building understand it. They have to leave and they have been left on the street. Hispanic families were evicted from a building in New York due to the danger of collapse due to a construction accident.>> I have little animals. I have a 13-year-old boy. Reporter: The property is located at 715 Brooklyn and borders 717 where a company operates and they hit the neighboring house with heavy machinery and put it at risk of collapsing. Carolina Ánchez showed the crack in the wall and says that she questioned the owner about the surprise eviction.>>he told me that he didn’t know, that they told him that the building next door was guilty and they called him and told him that everyone had to evacuate. reporter: non-residents of the building understand that their lives are in danger, but they are upset because It happened hours before evacuating. We tried to contact the district councilors so they could help and unfortunately the offices were closed, but we will comment on it on Monday. Tenants say they saw water leaks and think that is the problem. You say the water leaks.>> í .>> I see cracks.>> It has always been there. Reporter: Irma érez was the one who got the worst scare, she was at home and sleeping.>> You heard something fell on you, very strong. Reporter: The families are searching for housing. . They are not guaranteed if and when they will return. The Red Cross has given most of them accommodation for three days in hotels, but

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