Hisense Launches U8 Mini-LED ULED Television and Environmental Conservation Event

Hisense Launches U8 Mini-LED ULED Television and Environmental Conservation Event

Hisense, a world-class electrical appliance and electronics company. Celebrating the launch of U8, the company’s flagship Mini-LED ULED television. By organizing a range of experiential activities that allow children in South Africa to participate.

Hisense held the ‘Portals to Beyond’ event using U8 televisions as a mirror to capture and display life’s beautiful moments. This event will give children the opportunity to experience environmental conservation. nature adventure and art gallery while also broadening their horizons through U8’s immersive visual presentation.

U8 television provides an experience ‘Beyond Extraordinary’ by recording and displaying sporting events, art and nature with outstanding picture and sound quality. Mini-LED PRO technology produces images that are up to 1500nits brighter, which is much brighter and more detailed. Additionally, this TV can capture and display thousands of different shades of color. Millions of shades with the Quantum Dot Color function, which creates light with highly accurate wavelengths.

In addition to considering the situation or usage pattern as important. This is the approach that has always driven innovation at Hisense. The company also aims to go further. and continues to focus on the environment as a top priority along with technological advancements. To celebrate the launch of the new TV model Hisense donated 10,000 trees to the One Tree Planted organization. (OneTreePlanted) which will be planted in the desired area. This commitment to the planet and nature is also evident in Hisense’s ‘Portals to Beyond’ exhibition and throughout the company’s business operations.

Hisense insists on following the principles of energy conservation and environmental protection to provide environmentally friendly products. The company also focuses on improving the carbon footprint of its factories. and is in the process of doing so through increasing the production of solar energy within the factory. The company expects total installed capacity to reach 60 megawatts (MW) by the end of 2023 and annual power generation capacity to reach 53 million kilowatt hours (kWh). Solar power generation accounts for more than 10% of total installed capacity. % of Hisense’s total electricity usage

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Ready to start your special journey with Hisense? Come join us for the ‘Portals to Beyond’ event at Mall of Africa from 22-25 September.

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