Hillary (Les Anges 12) mom and absent from social networks, the secret on the sex of her baby has leaked

Hillary gave birth, Internet users react to his absence. And for three days, the young woman has still not become active again on social networks. The Instagram account @ clash.tvshow then revealed that Hillary had given birth and he revealed the sex of the baby … And according to her information, she would have given birth to a little girl. But beware dear meltynauts: this is to be taken with big tweezers! This information is absolutely not official. We will have to wait for the return of Hillary on social networks to find out more … And that should not be long!

A girl ?
A girl ?

And when the young mother has given her news on the web, she will also reveal the name of her baby. Besides, she recently confided that she was in a hurry to reveal it to internet users. And at the writing of melty, we are impatient to know everything! In any case, Hillary will have managed to keep this big secret until the end … Something that Mélanie Dédigama also did throughout her pregnancy. Otherwise in the rest of the TV news, know that Nikola Lozina is asking questions about the team from the rest of the World and he took the opportunity to make a big revelation on the set.


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