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High Pollen Count Expected to Persist Through Next Week: Get Prepared!

Highest Pollen Count and Record Heat Coming to Texas

Highest Pollen Count and Record Heat Coming to Texas

Pollen Count Remains High

Achoo!! Find the tissues and the allergy medicine because the pollen count is high through the weekend and into next week. Thanks to above average temperatures many of us want to get outside, but the Juniper, Elm, and Ash pollen are hanging out as well. In fact, we don’t see the pollen count drop out of the high category until possibly Wednesday next week.

Record Breaking Heat

The warming trend this week continues through the weekend and into next week. Today’s high temp of 73° came in 10° above average marking the 18th day this month that we’ve seen our daily high max out above the February average for that date.

It will be a good zoo or botanical garden weekend because our high temps warm into the mid-70s to the mid-80s! Sunny skies remain in the forecast, but you will notice a bit more of a breeze Sunday if that is your day to hit the golf course or go for an outdoor run.

Possible Record Highs

But we aren’t done yet! Monday is even hotter and possibly the hottest day of the year so far! With high pressure in charge in the upper levels of the atmosphere, we see our temps warm to near record heat both Monday and Tuesday. Sunny skies and surface winds out of the SW allow us to warm to 89° on Monday and 87° on Tuesday. 89° Monday would be one degree shy of tying the record of 90°, and Tuesday looks to be a new record high.

Cool Down and Small Chance of Rain

Then we have the big cool down in the forecast with a strong front on the way late Tuesday into early Wednesday morning. Our temps will dramatically change as the front sweeps through North Texas and we will struggle to warm to highs in the 50s on Wednesday afternoon. Along with the big cool down is a small chance of rain but not anything widespread. Late Tuesday there is a small chance parts of Northeast Texas will see a few storms that could reach severe limits but the bigger threat for now is further northeast.

More rain coverage is possible Thursday into Friday as moisture rides over the cooler air in place. Rain coverage goes up to about 40 percent Thursday with high temps only in the low 60s and morning temps in the lower 40s. It truly will be a bit of a weather whiplash as we go from late spring temps back to early March temps in a matter of days. Remember the average high temp on March 1 is 64 degrees, so get outside with your tissues and soak up these great temps before we return to “average” at the end of next week.


Chief Meteorologist Scott Padgett, Texas News Website

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