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Here’s How to Lower High Blood Sugar Levels Quickly for diabetics

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. High blood sugar can lead to complications of the disease if left unchecked. This how to lower high blood sugar for diabetics.

The levels of high blood sugar is commonly known as hyperglycemia. This condition is triggered by many factors, such as obesity and too much consumption of sweet foods.

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Quoting from the website Diabetes.co.uk, symptoms of high blood sugar are marked with:

  • Feel very thirsty
  • Frequent urination
  • Dry mouth
  • tired/ sluggish
  • Easily offended

To determine levels of blood sugar, You should test your blood sugar in a hospital or laboratory health.

You need to know there are several ways to lower blood sugar in a safe namely:

1. Insulin injections

Quote from Prevention, insulin injections can help lower blood sugar quickly.

“Insulin is a normal hormone in the body that is normally produced by the pancreas and what insulin is to act as a shuttle and transport glucose from the blood and into the cells so it can be used as a fuel,” said Dr. Beatrice Hong, M.D, an Endocrinologist and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Duke University.

2. Taking diabetes medication

The second way to lower high blood sugar is by eating a diabetes drug.

“If You forget to take the drugs, the blood sugar can go up and when I drink Your blood sugar will come down again,” said Dr. Hong.

Generally, doctors prescribe diabetes medication to be consumed regularly alias scheduled.

3. Drinking water

A person suffering from high blood sugar will typically experience dehydration.

Drink lots of water helps to flush the system and dilutes the amount of glucose in the blood.

4. Walk

Dr Hong said all the different types of aerobics and walking can help lower blood sugar.

Some research shows walk with a moderate intensity for 20 minutes after a meal can reduce blood sugar by 20% to 30%.

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