Here is the price list for the Samsung Galaxy A Series in December 2021

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. For those of you who are looking for a cellphone with a price of Rp. 1 – 3 million, the following list of prices for the Samsung Galaxy A Series is mandatory to listen to. Samsung’s flagship mid-range line not only offers products at affordable prices, but also has the best quality in its class.

From this series, Samsung offers a large selection of attractive cellphones with prices starting from only IDR 1 million. In the following Samsung HP price list, the most expensive model is priced at Rp. 6 million.

Samsung A03s is still the best choice from the IDR 1 million class. Supported by MediaTek Helio P35 processor, 4/64GB memory, and triple camera, the price of the Samsung A03s is only Rp. 1,799,000.

In a higher class, of course the name Samsung A12 should not be forgotten. The Samsung A12 looks very attractive with an Exynos 850 processor made by Samsung, a 48MP main camera, and a RAM capacity of up to 6GB. The price of this version of the Samsung A12 cellphone is priced at only Rp. 2,699,000.

If you need something more affordable, there is also an option with a 4/128G memory configuration. The price of this version of the Samsung A12 cellphone is priced at only Rp. 2,399,000.

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Another interesting option in the IDR 2 million class is the Samsung A22. Supported by 6/128GB of memory and a 48MP camera, the price of the Samsung A22 is currently priced at only Rp. 2,999,000. This model appears more powerful with the Helio G80 processor.

At the level of IDR 3 million, the Samsung A32 is still the most ideal choice for now. As of December 2021, the price of the Samsung A32 cellphone on the official website is still at IDR 3,599,000 for the 6/128GB version. While the 8/128GB version is slightly more expensive at IDR 3,799,000.

The most expensive in the price list of Samsung’s cellphones this month is the Samsung A52s 5G. Just released in September, the price of the Samsung A52s is Rp. 6,499,000.

This Samsung Galaxy A Series price list refers to the official Samsung Indonesia website. Outside of the official website, you can certainly find the following HP options at lower prices,

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Latest Samsung HP Price List 2021 (December 2021)

  • Galaxy A01 Core (1/16GB) : Rp 999.000
  • Galaxy A01 Core (2/32GB) : Rp 1.149.000
  • Galaxy A10s (2/32GB): Rp. 1,399,000
  • Galaxy A02 (3/32GB): IDR 1,499,000
  • Galaxy A11 (3/32GB): IDR 1,799,000
  • Galaxy A02s (3/32GB): IDR 1,699,000
  • Galaxy A02s (4/64GB): IDR 1,899,000
  • Galaxy A03s (4/64GB): Rp 1,799,000
  • Galaxy A12 (4/128GB): Rp. 2,399,000
  • Galaxy A12 (6/128GB): IDR 2,699,000
  • Galaxy A22 (6/128GB): IDR 2,999,000
  • Galaxy A22 5G (6/128GB): IDR 3,299,000
  • Galaxy A32 (6/128GB): IDR 3,599,000
  • Galaxy A32 (8/128GB): IDR 3,799,000
  • Galaxy A32 5G (8/128GB): IDR 3,999,000
  • Galaxy A51 (6/128GB): IDR 4,099.000
  • Galaxy A51 (8/128GB): IDR 4,399,000
  • Galaxy A52 (8/128GB): IDR 4,999,000
  • Galaxy A52 (8/256GB): IDR 5,399,000
  • Galaxy A71 (8/128GB): IDR 5,499,000
  • Galaxy A72 (8/128GB): Rp. 5,999,000
  • Galaxy A72 (8/256GB): Rp. 6,399,000
  • Samsung A52s 5G (8/256GB): Rp. 6,499,000

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