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here is the official date. “Crazy”

In the common imagination make an ATM above all it represents the act of withdrawing cash, through the numerous (albeit decreasing) ATMs present on the national territory. This “gesture” has become part of habits for several decades and, with the spread of smartphones and the consequent concept of home banking which is applied (reference is made tohome banking to refer to the autonomous management of one’s savings, using smartphones and computers) with increasing diffusion, withdrawals are often the most widespread banking operation.

Bancomat, stop to withdrawals: here is the official date. “Crazy”

However, these changes affect our lives in a particular way, even in ways that are so “subtle” that they are not always “clear”. Even “making an ATM” could become increasingly difficult as physical branches including ATMs are increasingly subject to divestment. In part this is also caused by the aforementioned diffusion ofhome banking which in fact made the banks present in the area less useful. This has affected costs, and for many it is no longer “convenient” to keep branches open.

To all this is added the progressive “abandonment” of the gods cash, especially for transactions involving large “movements” of money, which now take place regularly, especially through traceable systems and not with cash. Some banks, even very famous ones, have already decided to dispose of branches such as those of the ING group (such as Conto Arancio) which last year made it official that it will focus exclusively onhome banking.

It is likely that within a decade it will be much more difficult and not always convenient to make withdrawals, given that the cost of the fees associated with these operations will likely increase. Circuits such as ATMs in fact already consider the current 49 euro cents (which are “paid” when you make a withdrawal from a bank that is not part of our circuit) too few, asking instead for a commission flexible decided by the banks themselves.

withdrawals blocked ATM withdrawals

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