her daughter Paris reveals her new photos

It has been eleven years since the world lost the one that many considered the greatest of all time. Eleven years since Michael Jackson passed from life to death, at the age of 50, in Los Angeles. A death that created a huge artistic vacuum and a terrible emotional loss for his family. Mainly his daughter Paris, 11 years old at the time, was in shock.

Today, Paris has grown, and still has the nostalgia of its papa. The documentary series, which is dedicated to the daughter of the late “King of Pop”, was posted on Facebook Watch and shows her love for her father.

In this documentary series, we see the little girl Paris chatting with her father. He asks her what she wants to do later: ” What you do She replies. ” What do I do ? Adds Michael. ” Dance and sing ” The documentary contains several other exclusive images of Michael Jackson and his daughter Paris.

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Become a model, actress and singer, the sublime Paris leads an artist’s life as described in this documentary entitled “Unfiltered”.

On her Instagram account, the young woman also took the opportunity to pay tribute to her father. She unveiled a series of original photos taken from the family drawers. Michael and her more accomplices than ever, Michael who makes faces and wears a radiant smile. Emotion-filled sequences.

Crédit photo: today

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