Helena Bonham Carter, unrecognizable on the set of “Nolly”

Difficult to recognize Helena Bonham Carter in this outfit. The 56-year-old actress was photographed on Monday in Manchester on the set of “Nolly”, in which the actress takes on the features of Noele Gordon. The latter, now unknown to the general public, was a few decades ago one of the most beloved British actresses of her generation. For 18 years, she played Meg Richardson in the British soap ‘Cossroads’ before being fired overnight, without warning or explanation. “All good things come to an end,” his boss had simply dropped when he left.

“What is extraordinary is that this woman was at the top. It was the most watched soap opera in the country and she was fired without any explanation and without any right of reply. In a post-#MeToo world, it’s fantastic to watch what she went through back then, how she was treated, and how acceptable it all was,” the producer said. miniseries, Nicola Shindler, to “Variety”.

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“Noele Gordon was a fascinating, complex, brilliant and daring woman – about whom I knew nothing before reading Russell T. Davies’ screenplay,” Helena Bonham Carter told the American magazine. “I am thrilled to help tell his largely forgotten story. Russell’s screenplay is a brilliant piece of work and I hope I do him and Nolly justice. I can’t wait to get started,” she added.

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No release date has yet been revealed, but the biopic should be released sometime in 2022.

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