How difficult it was for Saul at Chelsea


Saul Niguez say goodbye to Chelsea. For a year in blue-blue uniform. Saul admitted that it was very difficult to adapt. Whoops!

Saul was on loan by Atletico Madrid to Chelsea for a season, hoping to break into the first team and improve on his stagnant form. However, hope remains hope.

Because, Saul even difficulty appearing regularly at Chelsea and more sitting on the bench. He only appeared 23 times in all competitions with a score of one goal!

His career was not getting better, but getting worse. Language problems are accused of being the cause of Saul not performing optimally with Chelsea. Not to mention, Saul was also going back and forth in the treatment room.

This condition makes Saul at a crossroads because returning to Atletico will also not change his fate. Unfortunately, Chelsea was reluctant to make him permanent and told Saul to return.

Although the experience of the first season was not pleasant, Saul is still grateful for the support of the Chelsea fans to him. In addition, he also apologized to fans for failing to give the best performance.

“Hello Blues, I want to say goodbye to you guys. I want to say how I felt during the adventure here. Things didn’t go well at the start. After playing for a long time in your own country, change will never be easy,” said Saul Niguez on his instagram account.

“Slowly things are getting better. Life is about learning and getting better, that’s what I take from this adventure. I want to thank the club for always trying to make me feel at home. I also want to say a special thank you to all the workers. .

“Thank you for making this club bigger. Thank you for the support of the fans during the difficult and happy times. I will never forget it. Thank you also to the staff who allowed me to win titles and goals for the team.”

“Above all, I want to say a big thank you to my team-mates. They were so important that I didn’t get lost. They helped me to continue to support the club and live as usual. Thank you!”


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