Hee-Ryong won “Stop negotiations with Cargo Solidarity and consider lawsuits for civil damages”

In the backlog of the general strike briefing, fierce criticism of the cargo union

“We need to check if the oil price subsidy is right”

“If you do not comply with the business start order, illegal and civil damages are possible”

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Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation Won Hee-ryong attends cargo union general strike meeting on the 30th. By Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation

Land, Infrastructure and Transportation Minister Won Hee-ryong has effectively declared a suspension of negotiations related to the cargo union’s general strike. Minister Won said that if the cargo union does not return after receiving orders to resume operations, it will be punished by all means, including subsidies to the price of oil and civil damages claims.

In a general strike briefing held at the Sejong Government Complex on the 30th, Minister Won said, “The cargo workers union is hampering all kinds of law enforcement, such as refusing to serve orders to union members , and it’s just using things like negotiations and conversations. “Better not,” he said.

Minister Won’s remarks came just after the second round of negotiations between the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the Korea Cargo Workers’ Union concluded earlier that day. The second round of negotiations was concluded in 40 minutes with only the difference in position between the two sides being confirmed and no future negotiating schedule was set. In this situation, Minister Won first announced the suspension of negotiations.

Minister Won raised the bar of criticism of the cargo union as determined and announced that he would mobilize all means to punish them. He also said he would cut the oil subsidies paid to transport workers.

Minister Won said, “The oil price subsidy is a government subsidy provided to those who make a legitimate contribution to freight transportation.”

He also said that the order to start work, which unions oppose, such as the cargo union, is not subject to an interim injunction. “Originally, the administrative orders are not subject to interim provision,” said Minister Won. He told the cargo union: “If you want to apply for an interim injunction, do so. People need to know quickly whether or not it’s going to work,” he added.

It also announced it would review civil damages claims against the Korea Cargo Workers Union. Minister Won said, “The national economy is being held hostage by the unilateral act of collectively blocking the right to provide transportation and claiming that the national economy will not be held responsible for losses even if it loses trillion won.” ever closer to the requirement to pay civil damages, and this part is also subject to a thorough statutory review”.

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