“He was in his hand to prevent this.” … Al-Sakka reveals his anger at Tamer Hosni because of “money” (video)

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Artist Ahmed Al-Sakka revealed his dissatisfaction with the artist Tamer Hosni because of a scene in which Al-Sakka appeared in Tamer’s latest movie “Money”. Al-Sakka told the media, Wafa Al-Kilani, during his hosting of the first episode of her program “The Biography” on the dmc channel that he is “upset” with Tamer Hosni because he “loves him.” And if I don’t like him, I’m not going to be upset like that. ”He continued: Tamer asked me to participate in a scene in his latest movie“ Money ”and he appeared with me and complimented me in the series“ Weld the Ghalaba ”.. The one says what is for him and for whom I was surprised by a poster for the film with my picture written on it starring Ahmed El Sakka and this bothered me Because I only presented a scene as a guest of honor, and when I blamed Tamer one time, the poster tells me his work is admired, and once he tells me this is the producing company..and this affected me psychologically and affected my work.

Regarding Tamer Hosni’s intention to do the poster, Al-Sakka said, “I thought it was possible to be other than her..bas not intentional … he was clearly busy … but he was in his hand to prevent this speech..but the movement bothered me, but that does not mean my flock with Tamer. If before me now and say, forgive me. Hadiha and the subject is Khulsan..and continued directing his speech to the camera, “Oh, I forgive you, oh, Tamer.”

The presenter of the program asked Al-Sakka to erase his bad relationships. He said whoever caused me distress and his relationship with me was progressing and not delaying, I will erase it from my life.

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