“He was going down the stairs on the buttocks”

Before his family was struck by the virus in March, Jacob Parish enjoyed biking, swimming and dancing to Michael Jackson. But today the 11-year-old is confined to a wheelchair. His mother Victoria had to give up her job as a real estate agent to take care of him … Jacob is expected to enter college this week, but he is so weak that he will only be able to attend classes for an hour, reports the Mirror.

“We spent six months in the hospital, trying to understand what the Covid did to Jacob,” explains his mother Victoria to the English daily. “When we suggested the Long Covid, we were told its symptoms were likely due to the stress of being locked up. Why would he be suddenly stressed when we have been confined for a year? “

The family, originally from Grimsby, Lincs, believe Jacob caught the virus from his father. Her first symptoms were mild. “Jacob was not particularly ill at the time, he had a week where he was a little bit sore and tasted bad. But his fatigue gradually worsened. When schools resumed, he was unable to attend. He reached a stage where he had difficulty walking and was going down the stairs on his buttocks. He felt dizzy and felt like his heart was going to explode. We hired a wheelchair to get him out of the house, and within six weeks he was in a full-time wheelchair. “

Jacob missed his last day of elementary school, but his classmates came to see him in the garden. The family fought to get the right wheelchair for Jacob so he could join them in high school.



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