Free surgeries are performed in Los Cabos for patients with burns, cleft palate and breast cancer survivors

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.- In a press conference, the municipal president Oscar Leggs Castro, and the honorary president of the DIF Flora Aguilar de Leggs, as well as Dr. Juan José Chávez of Fundación Questro, announced details of the program of Free Surgery that is being carried out in this municipality, focused on patients with burns, cleft palate and women survivors of breast cancer.

In his speech, the mayor of Los Cabos, Oscar Leggs Castro, reiterated his gratitude to the medical team from the United States of America, who together with Dr. Juan José Chávez will participate in the surgical procedures: “We are very grateful as the XIV Administration of that people come to join and contribute so that children, youth and adults who have suffered from an illness can be cared for; it is very gratifying for this Municipal Government,” he indicated.

For her part, the honorary president, Flora Aguilar de Leggs, explained that the DIF, in collaboration with the Questro Foundation, supported the transfer of medical supplies to Los Cabos: ”as the Government of Los Cabos, we have worked in a jointly with the various municipal areas to disseminate this important work, with the aim that citizens can benefit through these health programs,” he pointed out.

Likewise, Dr. Juan José Chávez of the Questro Foundation explained that at the moment there are 45 patients on the list who will be treated: ”not all of them will be operated on, it will depend on their health situation; on average per year we operate on 40 people, including adults and children, whom we follow up at no cost; In this, we thank the Government of Los Cabos, headed by President Oscar Leggs Castro, for its support in the dissemination, entry and transportation of the medical supply material,” he asserted.

Finally, it was reported that for the moment there is already the number of patients who will benefit from said Free Surgery program, hoping that next year they can replicate said sessions.

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