He raped the dog, he was released!

The incident took place yesterday at 17.30 in Kocakaymaz Mahallesi Çal locality in Kocaeli’s Kandıra district. While Fatoş A. (37) went to give food to the shepherd dog, who had a puppy on the street, he saw that Maksut K. (73) raped the animal by tying it to a tree.

Fatos K., “What are you doing here?” she shouted and screamed. Maksut K. tried to throw the stones he had taken to Fatoş A. While fatos shouting, “Help, help, they rape the dog”, the person who came to help caught Maksut K.

Gendarmerie teams, who came to the scene with notice, detained Maksut K. While giving information about the incident to the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, an investigation was launched against Maksut K., who was released after his statement, for ‘damaging property’.


While there is a great reaction to animal rape on social media, attention is drawn to the need for legal regulation. In the recent incident in Ankara, which aroused indignation, the suspect was released and detained on other charges.


According to the Turkish Penal Code, it is foreseen that the person who “kills the owner, makes it useless or causes it to decrease in value” will be sentenced to four months to three years in prison or a judicial fine upon the complaint of the victim. The relevant article of law is defined as “Do not damage property”. This situation is frequently brought up by animal lovers. Another issue that animal lovers draw attention to is about stray animals. The maltreatment of stray animals is not within the scope of the TCK, but within the scope of the Animal Protection Law No. 5199. In this case, the person who abused the mistreatment is not judged because it is considered within the scope of the law of culpability and administrative fines can be imposed.

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